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Aiste Petra


I. Personal information

Aiste Petra
E13 0PY London UK
+44 7903395336

II. Work experience

1. 2007-2009 - Visual Merchandiser-Designer
2. 2009-2012 - Volunteer-Art educator
3. 1999-2012 - Artist/Restorer/Interior Decorator

4. Restoration Projects: Mural Painting, Easel Painting, Stained Glass; LT, UK, IT

1998 Monastery of Bernardins, Gothic hall Mural-painting (XIX), Vilnius LT.
1998 Vilnius City hall, The Hall of Mayor, Mural-painting (XIX), LT.
1999 Monastery of Bernardins, Window Mural-painting (XVIII), Vilnius.
1999 Church of Bernardins, Mural-painting composition “Mourning of Christ” (XVIII), Vilnius.
2000 Monastery of Bernardins, Gothic hall Mural-painting (XIX), Vilnius.
1997-2001 Vilnius P.Gudynas Restoration Center, Oil-painting Preservation, Restoration.
2001 Monastery of Bernardins, Mural-painting Composition "Three Monks” (XVIII), Vilnius LT
2001 Center of Vilnius, Pilies st.6, Antakalnio st.48 private Apartments, Mural-painting (XVIII-XIX), Lt.
2002-2003 Panevezys King Christ Cathedral Mural-painting Composition “The battle of Polock” (1932), LT.
2003 Manor house of Tiškevičiai, Chapel of Birutė figurative 7 windows Stained-glass composition (artist L.Pocius, 1976) restoration in cooperation with I category craftsman D.Bumbulis, Palanga LT.
2004 Klaipeda university Department of Art Grand-Hall 10 Stained-glasses composition (XX).
2004 St.Maria Church of Palanga 8 Stained-glass Rose-windows (XX).
2004 Silute Manor house of Šojus The Hall of Frescoes Mural-painting (XIX), LT.
2005 Florence Monastery of St.Brigita „Paradiso degli Alberti“ frescoes (XIV, the school of Giotto), Italy.
2005 Vilnius Hotel „Narutis“, The Hall of Conferences figurative Mural-painting Composition (XVIII, LT.
2005 Silute City Library, Mural-painting of Facade (XIX), LT.
2008 Dauparai Manor house, Mural-painting (XIX), Mažeikiai, LT.

5. Artistic Projects: Oil-painting, Mural-painting, Stained-glass, Mosaic, Recycled/Eco/Green Design&Artworks

1990 International Project "We are drawing the Sea", Painting, Klaipeda LT-Tallinn, EE
1995-2001 various artistic Projects in Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, LT
1998 Exhibition in Trakai Castle Major Hall, Painting, LT
1999 Oil-paintings "Cells", "Baby 1", private collection, LT
2000 Stained-glass Project "Horses", Vilnius LT
2005 Mural-painting in Uzupis Restaurant, Vilnius LT
2007 Mural-painting, Private house, Klaipeda LT
2008 Interior/exterior & Fireplace Decor/Mozaic, Private house, Klaipeda LT
2008 2 Stained-glass Compositions fitted into Sideboard doors, LT
2009 Decor of Fireplace/Mosaic, Private house, Radailiai LT
2009 4 Staied-glass Compositions fitted into doors, LT
2010 Recycled/Eco Artwork "Baby cells", Private collection, UK
2011 Oil-painting "Baby", private collection, UK
2011 Oil-painting "Poppy", private collection, UK
2012 Oil-painting "Guru Gobin", private collection, UK
2012 Oil-painting "Pink Girl", private collection, UK
2012 Oil-painting "Guru Nanak", private collection, UK
2009-2012 Recycled/Eco/Green Designs and Artworks:

Pictures/Assemblages "My Little Secrets", "Apple", "Harmony", "Ornamental", Dying/Nascent", "Plant", "Friends"...cells,
Up-cycled Mosaic Tiles,
Jewelry, etc.
2009-2012 Oil-painting:
"Waterfall", "Integrating", "Multiplying", "Lungs", "United", "Staircases", "Flower"...cells, etc.

2012 Workshop/Exhibition "Real Drawing", LT

III. Education and training

1.2005 - Scientific probation in Historical Interior Restoration
- Institute of Art and Restoration Palazzo Spinelli, IT

2. 2004-2005 - Art Teacher/Lecturer
- Klaipeda University, LT

3.1995-2001 - MA in Historical Interior Restoration; Glass
- Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, LT

4.1996 - Certificate in Basics of Computer Work
- Microsoft Accredited Center of Education Alna, Vilnius LT

5.1993-1995 - Certificate in Textile, Glass
- Art College of J.Vienozinskis, Kaunas, LT

IV. Personal skills and competences

English, Lithuanian, Russian, Italian

Driving licence(s)
B (EU standard)

Additional info., Employment Contracts, Certificates, Photo, References are available upon request.