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Marco Magnani

Marco Magnani,based in London,born in Bologna(Italy)started painting in the 1990's, has done a few art exhibitions in London,have exhibited in London cafes, some of his works were shown on art magazine "Exhibit A" and 2 albums released on CD of London Pop-Rock band "Instant Flight" features his paintings as record covers - "Colours & lights"(2005) & "Endless Journey"(2008)- .
His style is between surrealism & dream-like...or,up to the viewer to name it. He mostly paints on canvass or paper using watercolour, oil paint or pencils. Also he works with Photoshop, mostly making collages & other mad tasty surreal photo-salads(to feed his fantasies). See his page & make sure what you see doesn't take you away from this reality