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Alexandre Vassilev-Vasilevsa

Alexandre Vassilev-Vasilevsa is a London based artist.His main target and achievement is to be different.Inspired by the American Abstract Expressionism he had invented a very recognizable style of his own.For him the creation of every artwork is an adventure.Most of his paintings come with a free memory card documenting that adventure by a video.Although he had explored a variety of directions and themes over the years in his paintings you can see the signature of one artist,the work of one wrist.As his favourite Jackson Pollock,Vasilevsa has no fears about making changes,destroying the image,etc.,because the painting has a life of its own.
For him the process of creation is as important as the painting itself. The technique, that he had developed is a unique mosaic style made with oil on canvas. Each and every of his artworks has a story to tell, a story of its creation, in most cases-through destruction of another artwork. A story of its own life. A transformation, metamorphosis, resurection. He challenged himself to create an artworks, that no one could fully understand, unless they watch the videos attached. This way, together, author and viewer are enabled to go beyond the painting! The videos accompanying the artworks may be found by a simple search on the web.