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Merlin Harish

"Architectural,sculptural and sometimes abstract expressionistic;these works do not necessarily need a thicket of impenetrable critique to appreciate them,even though they can fully absorb such an envelopment.Employing such diverse methodologies as,reverse photo realism,cinematic abstract expressionism and irreal sculpting;the works seek to anarchistically and synaesthetically reorder......colour,mental formations,light,species identity,sound,ideation and indeed ideology,form,interiority and exteriority,material and space;to undermine the prevailing totalitarian indoctrination of perception.This profoundly political project is presented as a necessary;indeed essential,first step on a path to interior perceptual expansion............"
From..."Dialectical counter power in the political economy of perception."by Brian Badonde. I was born in Viroconium in Shropshire in 1953 and attended the Wakeman Technical College in Shrewsbury during the 1960s.I then studied fine art in Oaxaca and went on to study sculpture,photography and philosophy in Cuernavaca Mexico.I have exhibited in San Miguel de Allende and San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas.I have lived in India and lived and worked in Greece,Turkey,Germany and Holland;finally settling in London England,where I have exhibited during the Hampstead Art Weeks for the last 5 years.