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Georg Heider


As a painter I am the second person after god. I have an immense freedom. I can paint what I want an how I want. I can paint hideousness or friendliness. I can paint on canvas, wood, paper or glass, in oil or acrylic. I have decided for friendliness in acrylic on glass, for reverse painting on glass.The old material of the universe is the joy. If god has created the world, he has it created definitely by joy. I do not know where I have read this sentence, all the same, I like it. Definitely we are created to carry out this joy and to transmit it. Nothing else gives us more strength and energy. To paint this joy in all facets and shadings and transmit it to the viewers is my explained aim. Another aim is to present the old technique of reverse painting on glass with a modern face. Earlier it was only a religious and popular art. The glass gives more brightness to the colours as any other medium. So this technique is very predestineted for painting the joy.
Basic technique of painting on the back of glass

Put an eraser on white paper under the glass plate ,cleaned and degreased, with the same size. Now you can start painting. In the picture the subject is inverted. The rights are lefties and the signature must be done as if seen in a mirror. In the image, only show the layer on the surface of the crystal or can be painted with varnish. It is senseless paint dodges colors. what a canvas painter paints at the end at glass painting must first. The painter begins with the contours, no matter whether in oleo or acrylic. I paint with acrylic paints. As you can see both sides of the glass, we are not sure of how things will never work in the end. When painting on the back glass, there is some risk. But turn the glass is almost always a wonderful moment as laugh and sing at the same time and I do not want to paint in other materials. When painting, avoid skin contact with the glass. The fat of the skin and sweat residue not allow the paint sticking. Always paint with long sleeves and gloves.It is very important that the colors are not seam with each other. Below the finished work, put a white sheet of paper, cardboard or wood to get better light.
Curriculum (not a confession of my life)

I was born in 1944, in southern Germany, primary school, high school, two years of military service, three years of primary school teacher, two years of study to master special school until 2003 working in special schools, retirement. 2003 visit an exhibition of paintings painted glass in the back near Murnau. Loved it so much, that I started to paint in the same technique. 2005 we moved to Spain and built a house. Stop painting until 2011. In summer 2011 I felt a strong desire to paint so that leaves the other obligations and started to paint. Suddenly the desire finished an obsession. If you look now for a study in an art academy, you will look in vain. I have never seen an art college from the inside. I am autodidact, to 100 %.
Why I paint

Because I experience great satisfaction and a joy as I have never felt in any other activity. I can paint three or four hours tirelessly.
What I like to paint.

Things that happen only in my imagination or have respect. Often strange things either exaggerated or a double meaning, but always covered with gentleness. No prejudice or hurt. I prefer things with movement and bright colors that fill an image, things that create happiness. I like to paint my dreams and longings.
What my painting project

I have a CD MP3 with special music from the Caribbean Sea. I can hear it for hours. It moves to good humor and gives me energy. I want my images on the viewer have the effect as they charge their batteries.
How to proceed to paint

I write ideas and occurrences or retain in a surface draft. When an idea is concentrated. I think about the perspective and proportions to help me make the project. Most of the time these are accompanied by reflections and projects in smaller format. This takes until the final image is in the smaller format. Then I enlarge it to the original size. The drawing is put under the glass with the same size, and I begin to paint.
Painters that I like:

Hundertwasser, Chagall, O Keeffe, Marc, Macke, Munch, Hockney, Gauguin, Matisse, van Gogh