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Kamil Waniowski

I was born in Poland in 1983 and have lived there till 2000. Always had the feeling for sculpting but as it happened so that I became a baker by profession but this was a very short experience. I felt it was time to move, I packed my bags and left for my travels in Europe. During that period of 2000 - 2004 somewhere in between I had the opportunity & time to sculpt with the basic tools I could afford. I started from a small bird & I still remember since then until 2007 I have sculpted as much as I could. Once I was settled in Holland I was still quite productive. Most of my sculptures have been sold in small dutch galleries & art retailers or has been made as a gift.
Since 2008 has been keeping family life going. I have tried quite a lot of techniques within sculpting / making in different materials, which has been on a commission base.
Since 2012 in Cornwall and keeping my self busy.
My Message through sculpting is to reflect the nature of the stone as much as possible and to combine it with the nature of being.