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Vincent Vincent is living and working in the UK. He is an unofficial Anti-War Artist and uses an often humorous and tongue-in-cheek language to explore the more serious issues of today, Heroes verses Villains portrayed in life, death and immortality of Wars by the juxtapose between violence of Wars and the innocent of Toys used in our youth. The toys are used as a satirical look on the ‘War on Terror’ (after 9/11, 2001 to present) and the later work of Disasters of War (from 1914-1945, including World War I & II) revealing shock and truths of war and violence in a playful way, by the use of logical puzzles, word searches, dot to dot, scrabble and other games of our youth. My work typically contains simple four letter words that a child would be able to understand. The words are taken from poetry made by Hero’s on the frontline, of the Wars (Soldiers, Army, Navy etc) and the juxtapose of Villains (Prisoners of Wars). These contrasting words make viewer follow a narrative journey, to engage the viewer to solve the puzzle and de-cipher the codes as used in the Wars.

2009-2012 BA Fine Art