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Leni Smoragdova


Smoragdova is the author of the Transaction Art’s ideas.
2015 - Biennale, Russia
2014 - The Armory show, NY
2013 - On-line Top 30 Saatchi’s Artists, London
2012 - GAA, Amsterdam
2010-2012 - Worked with Madonna as an artist for her show.

2014 - The opening - the history of the interior
2013 - A short summery of the history of the interior
2013 - Amphitheatre - the history of the interior
2013 - Cartoon "ASS"


Any spectator gets used to the fact that any serious topic must be delivered by the author’s intelligent tone. Absolutely seriously and with thoughtfully. But why?
The history of Art-Transaction equalled to a social transaction by a theory base or What the author wanted to say.
Any history is meant to begin with a prehistory. I will start with a slogan:
«We are the children of war,
War is money,
Money has no face..
It’s as simple as theTransaction,
We are the children of Transation
We are the children without faces!»
Artist Leni Smoragdova