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Anthony Coppard

Anthony David Coppard

International artist Anthony David Coppard was born and raised in the West Sussex area. After many years spent travelling in England and abroad, Anthony now lives close to the city of Brighton.

Anthony originally trained as a carpenter and spent much of his life working as a master craftsman in this industry. During this time he produced ornately carved items of bespoke furniture and delicately painted glasswork. Anthony was also commended for his work as the designer and creator of unusual and imaginative theatrical sets for use in a local theatre.

Over time, Anthony has adapted and built upon his creative talents and is now widely renowned for his very unique style of sculptured, tactile and three dimensional artwork. Anthony utilises a variety of methods and mediums in order to create stunningly beautiful pictures which often depict historical areas and monumental features found in and around the city of Brighton.

Finally, Anthony remains passionate in his drive to support the local community and the donation of his work has benefitted local schools, charities and hospitals. Through his involvement with a local college for children with special educational needs, Anthony now aspires to create work which not only looks impressive, but is also uniquely tactile in nature and therefor equally stimulating to both the senses of sight and touch.

Anthony exhibits his work in various galleries, venues and art fairs. More recently his sell out exhibitions held on the Worthing Pavilion Pier and in Chelsea, London have led to an offer to exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Arts in Manhattan, New York.

Anthony has recently held a press interview. To read the full biography please see Under the Spotlight, Worthing Art