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Royden Astrop  cv
Royden Astrop was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1969. He spent most of his early adult career working as a TV soundman for American news based out of Cape Town, South Africa. During that time, Royden reported from some of the world’s most dangerous killing fields including Somalia, Rwanda, Zaire and Kosovo. In between news assignments, he worked as an artist focusing on digital, video and installation art. His watercolours were also exhibited in galleries in South Africa. After retiring from his news career, he returned to the UK in 2001, where his first professional exhibition of oil paintings, Lines of Fire, was met with a huge amount of national media and public interest. Now a full-time artist he predominantly works in oils on canvas.
no colours anymore
no colours anymore

oil on canvas


65 by 145cm. (26" x 58")
£ 1740
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