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Vincent Au

Vincent Au was born in Hong Kong in 1977. From a very early age Vincent and his work received recognition, appearing on national television at the age of eleven. When he moved to London in 1990 Vincent Au began to focus on improving his draughtsmanship. His interest in drawing led to his passion for life painting and the human form, spending hours in the life room. Now in his late twenties Vincent Au's talent and understanding of the human form and how it relates spatially within an environment enables him to create these wonderful figurative paintings and drawings.
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Rosario Aufiero

It is no mean feat to be able to have a recognisable style yet to create individualistic paintings, each as inspired as the next. Rosario Aufiero does just this. His love of colour shines through his atmospheric works and their deep yet subtle tonality is always working to maximise the optical effect and emotional resonance befitting the subject. He is also able to judiciously employ texture and pattern to really heighten the impact of what amounts to a painterly worship of nature in all its glory.
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Manss Aval

Aval describes the medium as "brushed aluminium" and the works may be seen as a contermporary form of "Op Art". Given that many of the pieces are colourful, it would appear that painthas also been employed to achieve the artist's vision. This style has been called "Grind Art", which alludes to the textures and designs applied to the metal's surface. Rather like a huge etching plate, where the plate itself, not the print, is the artwork. The multiple linear patterns catch and reflect light and the work would no doubt shimmer according the the movement of the viewer's position.
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Tanus Azevedo

London-based artist Tanus describes himself as a "suburban artist" who is inspired by "industrial civilisation" when at home but also captures the simple life on his travels to far off lands.
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Raina Babacheva

Raina Babacheva specialises in Lithography, which is a method of print making. Based on the chemical repellence of oil and water, the designs are drawn or painted with greasy ink or crayons onto a specially prepared limestone. The stone is moistened with water, which the stone accepts in areas not covered by the crayon. An oily ink, applied with a roller, adheres only to the drawing and is repelled by the wet parts of the stone. The print is then made by pressing paper against the inked drawing. Graduating from the National Art Academy of Sofia in 1994, Raina Babacheva now lives and works in Britain.
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Wojciech Babski

The work of Wojciech Babski has a rugged, almost heroic, iconic masculinity to it. The faces and bodies of women and men appear as if in bold, with no compromise. Painted in rough hewn strokes in black and white, the colours which on the one hand either seep into or rather dominate his monochromatic underpainting style, tend to be primaries. These contribute to the unflinchingly direct effect of his work. The main themes appear to be anxiety and passion with occasional moments of peace. But as in the case of "Pale Rider" this is a calm that is just about to" kick off".
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Michael Baker

Bakerís intuitive eye for colour and balance, whether in his abstract images or his more recent figurative paintings, allow our eyes to explore the whole, taking in every minuscule detail.
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Evanthia Balla

Evanthia Balla's inspiration is taken from grand narratives such as philosphy and cosmology. Her colourful paintings are full of action, sign and symbol. The picture plane tends to be bisected by lines and curves, demarcating and compartmentalising and often one can discern equations or hieroglyphics buried within the web of marks. The enjoyment she finds in articulating ideas comes across clearly and is matched perhaps only by the opportunities she affords her viewer in deciphering her various visual codes.
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