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Madeleine Bamfield-Dillon

Madeleine Bamfield-Dillon specialises in Acrylics on Canvas. As an abstract painter Madeline finds her inspiration in the surrounding landscape of the Lancashire coastline and nearby Lake District, which is close to her studio. Not following any particular style but preferring instead to allow her paintings to, "develop and reflect her immediate impressions, sense of colour and proportion" she hopes that the unifying element to all her work is in her explorations with vibrant colour. Bamfield-Dillon's works are in private collections in the UK and abroad
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Wayne Barker

Wayne Barker's artistic career spans almost two decades, marked by a bitter-sweet mix of politics, poetry and passion for subversion. At times Pop Art, at others a layered deployment of traditional genres and media. From the first seduction to the twist in the gut, it is as beautiful as it is provoking.
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Arxlenin Barthelemy Collejo

Arxlenin Barthelemy Collejo has been much lauded in her native country of Cuba. In fact, this young abstract painter has been described by a respected curator as "... the heiress of the geometric abstraction that so much influenced a great part of Cuban plastics during the 1950's". Looking into the imagery, there is an intelligence that may be clearly percived in her choice of line and shape as she manages, by mimimal means, to evoke contemporary themes of speed, bureauocracy, luxury and other such ineffable concepts.
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Irina Basalik el Houri

"Art is a reflection of the soul, an expression of dreams and the manifestation of desires". Says Irina Basalik el Houri. Born in Kramatorsk, Ukraine in 1980, Irina now specializes in watercolour and oil paint. Inspired by narrative and story telling she uses her imagination, and particularly her dreams to help her create these vibrant figurative compositions. A self taught artist Irina began painting seriously in 2005 and hopes to exhibit her work in Broummana, Lebanon, were she currently lives and paints.
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Imran Bashir

Imran Bashir's work seeks to reflect the beauty and spirituality of life. Drawing on the intensity of colours found in nature his work marvels at the power and magnificence of the world; the sun setting in the sky, the beauty of the landscape. Bashir strives to reflect his own set of beliefs through paint and in doing so hopes to make us question our own beliefs and notions of the afterlife.... "The images are trying to show the beauty of this world and how people are caught up with it. Yet there are some who know that the real life and life of eternity is in the hereafter and they must follow the correct way and be content with what they have and make preparations for the journey of the hereafter. "Imran Bashir is based in London where he lives and paints.
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Gordana Batic

Gordana Batic hopes to transcend current artistic fashions, principles and contemporary art theory by focusing on what he believes painting should offer the public at large in the 21st Century. Predominantly a figurative painter Gordana uses the figure to express his desires, aspirations and hopes. His optimistic approach to creating work not only reflects his artistic integrity but echoes a sense of harmonic balance which is fundamental to each piece.
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Deborah Batt

Although Deborah Batt’s extensive visual vocabulary enables her to work with a huge variety of mediums, in this latest series of ‘ flower’ images she solely utilises digital photography and computer generated manipulation to explore the juxtaposition of colour, form and shape.
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