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Mark Bland

Mark Bland produces these wonderful black and white photographs capturing his talent for spotting the minuscule, the romantic and the humorous in human behaviour. Marks unique abstract paintings have strong form and come deep from the subconscious.
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Milan Bobek

Milan Bobek was born in Prague in 1973. After spending two year studying in Prague, Bobek moved to America to continue his studies at The Art Institute of Chicago. After completing his study Bobek continued to live in America working as a free lance artist for a further three years before moving back to the Czech Republic. Specialising in Acrylic on canvas he has shown in numerous group exhibitions and solo exhibitions in the Czech Republic where it is held in private collections.
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Gabriel Bodnariu

Gabriel's work is pointient in its commentation on society. His impressive manipulation of oil paints is fascinating. He creates complex views and combines them with surrealist-inspired compositions. Gabriel is definitely one ot watch out for as he produces more and more intoxicating masterpieces full of symbolism.
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Thomas Bolland

Thomas Bolland best describes his work as ‘a visual autobiography’. He documents, often quite literally, his visual journey from one place to another, no matter how mundane or everyday this journey may seem. This sense of traveling from A to B, rather than focusing on A or B specifically, has lead Thomas to begin producing work which visually represents ways in which nature and technology has helped us to move and travel.
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Peter Bond

Peter Bond is a senior lecturer on both the BA (Hons) Performance Design and Practice & MA Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design. He is also an Associate Lecturer at Wimbledon College of Art, London. He is an experienced producer/director, his most recent production was ‘Seventh Day Respite’ by Iain Landles at the White Bear Theatre, Kennington, London in September 2011. He has often been commissioned to perform, notably in May 2009 atTate Modern, Art 'Povera', Long Weekend, House of Fairy Tales, He has also performed as part of the Prague Quadrennial in 2007. His experience as scenic consultant has been sought after in feature films such as 'Circus' and for Selfridges, London. He has made both scenic paintings for numerous productions and his own artwork has been exhibited widely. 2013 sees the publication of his new book Performance Art: A Guided Tour (I.P.Tauris)
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Damien Borowik

Damien uses line to express mood. His work often consists of quick, choreographed movement - energetic and frenetic, bursting with excitement and passion. His contrasting use of black ink, juxtaposed with pillar box red, assists in intensifying the works real sense of temperament, potency and power.
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David Bottomley

Putting a distinctive stamp on the still life genre is a challenge but David Bottomley certainly pulls this off. How can one follow Van Gogh's "Sunflowers"? Bottomley paints them wilting in the full sun. As if personifying the weight of meanings laden upon them, mere things of beauty: flowers. It is this spirit of inquiry that suffuses his scenes. Hiis "Watermelon, Shell and Jugs" plays with the stripes common to each element in what could be a playful, knowing commentary or a respectful, show of gratitude to the interchangeability of all matter.
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Guillaume Bourieau

After studying life drawing in France over seventeen years ago, Guillaume Bourieau recently returned to his figurative roots, when in 2005 he began a life painting course in London. Since then he has continued to produce paintings of a figurative nature, and has more recently begun to explore the landscape in oils. Finding inspiration from artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, David Park, and Richard Diebenkorn, she intends to continue her Fine Art study in late 2006.
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Rachal Bradshaw Wills

"The creation of art has always been for the audience", says Rachel Bradshaw Wills, a self-taught artist who lives and works in Buckinghamshire. She describes her paintings as having an "organic aesthetic" tempered by a "modern, abstract" discipline . She recommends that her works are viewed "through emotions... the thoughts and feelings are all yours, whether they portray a passionate or loving symbolism."
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