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Alberto Delso Salvador

Thick layers of solid block colour are applied heavily to the canvas, creating a textured and absorbing surface to this work. By reducing each image to its core elements, whether they are colours, shapes or forms, the artist is able to create a stylish interpretation of it. His work varies from landscapes to images of dreams, always showing the emotional heart of the scene, rather than the endless details. His colour scheme is bold and inviting, giving his work and energy and light that would decorate any surface or room. In ‘Spider’ each brushstroke is echoed by different shades of the main colour, giving a shimmering depth to the work and capturing movement and light within the canvass. This is beautiful art for lovers of colour and life!
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Jo Dennis

Dreams, sex, self, mortality, the subconscious and, paradoxically, consciousness, all specific aspects of the human condition, are the themes which underpin Jo Dennis’ practice. She is interested in the connection between man and beast and the ridiculous nature of vanity, identity and beauty. Coupled with this is a fascination with the hyper-real states of self awareness and self loathing which stem from the excesses of modern life; binge drinking, drug induced paranoia, sexual disgust…
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Bea  Denton

Bea Denton is a London-based Printmaker. Working with plywood, she produces large format, contemporary woodcuts using a range of power gouges, sanders and dentists drill bits. The work is produced using the reduction method - the same piece of wood is carved and used for printing each colour overlay until eventually the wood is gradually carved away. Her work is produced in limited editions of 20 prints.
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Jean pierre Derian

Jean Pierre Derian exhibits here paintings here which owe a great debt to Gerhard Richter's late abstracts which were produced using a squeegee, stretching the paint across the whole canvas, obliterating what was underneath. The works shown make reference on one occasion to a real place as in "Dulwich 2011" but the rest are untitled. This has the effect of leaving the image open to the interpretation of the viewer based solely on the expeience of the paint itself. The images shown are almost monochromatic but with stinings of colour showing through, perhaps an effect of the painting process itself. The works are abstract with no intentionally recognisable figures, although the works are open to the projections of the viewer,
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Andrei Deryagin

Andrei Deryagin is a Moscow-based artist who paints psychedelic and often surreal imagery.
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Giuseppe Sebastiano Devoti

Born in Turin Giuseppe Sebastiano Devoti moved to Abruzzo, Italy in 2004 where he currently lives and works. A Diploma of Artistic Maturity achieved in the Albertina academy of Turin, a PHD in Architecture from Turin Polytechnic, he defines himself an, "'experimenter artistic', for his continuous necessity to seek expressive ways that stimulate the feelings of whom observes the pictorial work." He has exhibited his work across Italy where he has work in private collections.
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Antonia Dewhurst

With a degree in Fine Art Painting from Farnham University, Antonia Dewhurst has since had an array of exhibitions throughout the UK and the US. Her latest collection focuses on the human form, produced using pastels, inks and charcoal. Dewhurst uses a warm, bold palette along with rough, texture-rich sketches of her figures.
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Sergio Di Mattia

Born in Calgary, Canada in 1961 Sergio Di Mattia, moved to Italy in 1982 where in now lives and works. A figurative artist working in oil on canvas his fascination with texture, light and colour has led him to study various artists, and art theories - He defines himself as "a researcher of new forms and thoughts". His work has been exhibited across Italy, including the Venice Biennale and abroad, most recently in New York. For further information on his life and career, please visit Mattia's CV pages.
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Lino Di Vinci

Although Lino’s work is far from the realms of Graffiti Art, he takes great inspiration from Graffiti combining it’s forms and colours with his passion for light and geometry. Lino Di Vinci was born in Italy 1962 and began receiving National acclaim in the early nineties. His growing reputation has subsequently led to exhibitions throughout Europe and America.
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