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Tim Gilpin

London-based artist Tim Gilpin draws inspiration from the parks and open spaces in and around his adopted city, and the barren uplands and coastal regions of his native Northern Ireland. Tim has exhibited in galleries in both London and Northern Ireland since 2000, as well as online.
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Val Gleave

Val Gleave began making art in the early nineties out of an "urgent need to create". Although she enjoys using a variety of mediums and techniques from, photography, computer art and clay modelling, it is her, oil and acrylic paintings which give her the most intense gratification. Fascinated by the changing effects of the landscape, her work explores the effect of light on colour and often reflects the climate when it is at it's most poignant of moments. Currently studying painting at the Hampstead Institute, UK she has recently begun to exhibit her work in London.
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Penny  Glidewell

Fascinated by the erosion of the natural world due to environmental changes and human intervention, Penny Glidewell’s paintings reflect the underlying patterns and structures found in Europe’s eroding coastlines.
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Rachel Glittenberg

There is an infectious gaiety and pulsating energy in the paintings and drawings of Rachel Glittenberg. Here is an artist who appears to be seeing the world afresh with new eyes on her creative journey. The portraits of women are soul searching yet have a pleasing simplicity of line. Her evident love of nature is testament to our environment's abiding power as seedbed for self-expression and human connection.
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Sonelle Goddard

A highly prolific, professional artist, Sonelle Goddard 's paintings are just as energetic as her industrious CV would lead one to imagine. With many awards, exhibitions, commissions and publications under her belt, her colourful, eyecatching paintings in mixed media are a fantastic addition to what Londonart has to offer. The paintings' titles suggest the growth & spread of something akin to the bloom of an effluorescent mould or the blooming of some futuristic aesthetic virus. Sonelle's playful use of graphic language mixed with spatial 3D paint effects and eye-popping colour creates unbridled visual sensations.
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Marta González

These wonderful limited edition Silkscreen prints utilize and demonstrate the variety of marks that this difficult medium can achieve if mastered properly. Combining both flat 2 dimensional imagery with the illusion of 3 dimensional space, allow our eyes to travel in the conventional manner across the picture plane but also around, in, and back out. With a variety of pictorial surfaces from solid opaque form and colour, to painterlier like marks with soft bleeding, frayed or torn edges, Marta clearly demonstrates she has mastered the medium while feeding the content.
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Helen Gorrill

Londonart is proud to host the internationally acclaimed work of Helen Gorrill, which is held in private collections worldwide and now included in New York Brooklyn Museum's Elizabeth A Sackler Center artbase, alongside The Guerrilla Girls, Tracey Emin, Annie Sprinkle, Miriam Schapiro, Judy Chicago and Pipilotti Rist. Her feminist wors inquiring into gender has been featured in many publications. Her major solo show Deicide welcomed over a thousand spectators to the preview at Degree Art's Execution Room. In 2011 Gorrill was shortlisted for the Cartazini Award in Paris, whilst in 2012 she was again shortlisted for the fourth international Passion for Freedom award at Unit 24 Gallery adjacent to Tate Modern.
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Grazyna Maria Gracyas

The paintings of Grazyna Maria Gracyas offer an escape from the stresses and challenges of the outside world. They are inhabited by a multitude of flowers and she has a particular penchant for poppies. There are plaintive figurative scenes featuring couples in landscapes or embracing in joyful images of infatuation. Satisfying our need for uplifting works, which ease the soul and tell wistful narratives, her work has been well received on her travels from Poland, via Botswana to Portsmouth where she now resides.
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Sylvie Gral

Born in Cauderan, Sylvie Gral is a Visual Artist and Musician. A highly creative artist, Sylvie studied Art History at the Sorbonne and Stone Carving at the Working Men's College for Men and Women, London. A truly talented artist Sylvie Gral also studied Music at the Royal College of Art.
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zac greening

Zac Greening Zac Greening’s work explores the ordered geometry in tension with chaos found within nature, using metal to create sculptures that are timeless, unlike the subject matter they will not decay. He peers into the secret beauty through magnified forms, an anemones perfect fractal merging into chaos of molton drips. The choice of manmade materials, to make sometimes stark imposing sculptures or treasure like plaques awakens a sense of the precious and fragile quality of the natural world. He toys with scale, so that ‘Seed’ could be mistaken for a model planet, it reflects in its cracked intriguing surface the mundane world in which it is set.
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