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Krzysztof Mazurek

"My paintings are an expression of my feelings, emotions and visions…I work with colour and signs to create abstraction, expression or a symbolic picture…" says Mazurek, adding, "Inspirations come from my own inner world. In my pictures, I aspire to create 'clear' paintings, in which you can see and feel the movement of the brush, the play of the colours, shapes and contrast ." Born in 1974 in Lublin, Poland, Krzysztof Mazurek is currently living and working in London, UK.
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Painting and drawing from the model and still life is clearly a productive source for artist Helen McCarthy, Whilst her life drawings are structurally accurate and lyrical, her paintings from life have an expressive quality that resides in the blended, indistinct quality of her paint application. She favours saturated hues and her understated tonal palette further enhances the dreamlike effect. Her recent abstracted drawings in charcoal and pastel are clearly drawn from the memory of observation but seem to seek to distil the presence of human energy and life force.
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Tania McCormack

After graduating from a Fine Art Painting degree in 1997, Tania McCormack's professional success has gone from strength to strength and she is now in the position to regularly exhibit her paintings throughout the UK.
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Alex McGill

A sheer love of the painting process is evident in Alex's work and how he talks about it. Studying to be an architect, he speaks of how he enjoyed his previous work on construction sites, enjoying the layout of buildings in progress. His paintings are sensitively built up in stages using a variety of mixed media and have a real freedom about them. His series of churches have a dayglo - Gothic feel and yet posess a delicate atmosphere which perhaps derives from the description of 'hard' construction with a ' feminine' colour scheme.
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Joe McGowan

Jo McGowan is a self-taught artist. She draws on her active imagination for inspiration and often likens her own creative experience to that of a child finding images in moving clouds. She hopes that her paintings will create an emotive and physical response from the viewer - that they may experience a strong desire to run their fingers down the actual surface of the painting. Jo has exhibited and has works in private collections throughout Britain and America.
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Paul Mckenna

Paul McKenna lives and works in Birmingham, England. Producing images that flit back and forth between the figurative and the abstract, his images explore the process by which a creative person visualises aspiration and vision and then translates it in to a recognisable visual language– as he calls it the ‘mystery of mind in the world’. To help him see his own visual processes clearly he has to trust his instinct implicitly combined with the study of other artist’s visions in the form of poetry, dreams, music, and art.
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Edward McNaught-Davis

Taking his native Wales as inspiration, Mc Naught Davis displays great sensitivity as well as an obvious proficiency in his painterly depiction of landscape and interiors. Of particular note are the works 'Carew Castle Turret Steps, Pembroke Castle Doorway' and 'Into the Light'. He has painted the stonework with a gentle scumbling that evokes a tactile sensation, so that one can almost feel the rough stone surfaces beneath one's fingers. His treatment of light and the atmosphere he skilfully conveys suggest a truly spiritual dimension to his art.
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Jane Marie McNulty

A self taught, sought after abstract artist with a 'fresh eye', has sold artwork Internationally. Jane McNulty works in mixed media but mainly with acrylic and enamel - McNulty loves to experiment with colour and texture and only uses high quality materials with which to produce her 'different' paintings.
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Rebecca Meanley

Rebecca Meanley drips, daubes, brushes, scrapes and pours paint on to the canvas. A passion for paint combined with a strong creative vision enable her to create pure abstract paintings which have a real sense of invention and exploration. Her dark intertwined colours often starkly contrasted by vibrant and deliberate form, spread across each canvas hinting at rhythm and conversation. Each painting is richly layered with its own unique history and sense of direction. Pattern and form emerge from the addition of more paint or from its removal, building a rich, interwoven sense of intensity and strength throughout all her work.
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Eduardo Mejorada

Eduardo Mejorada is one of the latest Mexican artists to be selected to exhibit on Londonart. In addition to his general exhibition pages you can also find his work displayed within the online exhibition Latido Latin which can be accessed through Londonart’s homepage. This exhibition is a joint venture between, Latido Latino, in Mexico, and The artwork represented online, aims to promote the work of contemporary Latin American artists. In November 2004 Londonart and Latido Latino curated an exhibition in Centro de Arte Moderno, Guadalajara, Mexico. Our Latido Latino online art gallery is constantly updated and represents a selection of talented artists from the region.
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