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Ross Whittemore

Ross Whittemore is a part-time artist living in Great Yarmouth. "My art is inspired mainly on free movement, an oxymoronic mixture of spontaneity and precise placing of the paint. I have a variety of different influences including Giger, Dali, Ben Nicholson and Patrick Heron, so I have a varying palette of paintings and pictures. I think good art is a mixture of achieving the realistic and an expression of oneself so art is anything, but not everything is art."
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Claudia Wiegand

Born in Brussels 1965, Claudia has German and French family roots. During her formative educational years she concentrated on modern languages, Latin, Greek and the study of civilisations.Original Greek mosaics and Renaissance art and architecture excited a passion in Claudia Wiegand during her many teenage visits to Greece, France and Italy. Combining ancient and modern, Claudia has reinvented mosaic for the 21st Century. Her innovative techniques create a pure and simple medium to fascinate and inspire the observer.
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Amanda  Wigglesworth

If the aim of abstract art is to paint the infinite, then Amanda Wigglesworth succeeds on many levels. Her deeply coloured abstractions glow with a reference to eternal emotions and feelings. Whether inspired by scorched earth or the flickering, distant sea, the painter captures the atmosphere with a depth that keeps the viewer looking again. The colours blend together pleasingly and the textured surface gives a real contrast to the overall harmony. Autumnal greens and blues create a calm sensation in the viewer, whereas the addition of red creates a feeling of heat and energy in others. This is truly stunning abstract art, captured with skill by an artist who understands emotion and colour. Since graduating from art school she has gained the recognition she deserves and exhibited widely. We are delighted to have her on the site.
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Mrs Wilkes

Mrs enigmatic title for a serties of enigmatic artworks...The artist takes the two themes of nature and love and weaves them together , just as she so artfully weaves the branches of trees, into a symbiotic whole. Silhouettes of curling arabesques spell out signs of adoration in the sky - a tracery of dreams. There are many permutations making"lost in love" stand out in its inky darkness.
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Andi Williams

The work of Andrew John Williams is spontaneous action painting and as such might be related to that of Jean Dubuffet and Jackson Pollock in its unfettered direct approach. Making use of oil stick, acrylics and ink he daubs throws and spatters the paint onto the canvas freely. He mainly works on loose canvas, perhaps for a more immediate relationship with the artwork. There is an all-over quality to most of his paintings, "Golden Forest", "Green Planet" and "Tribalism" evoke a unified, sensory overload whose mood is more upbeat and positive. Something for everyone, for every mood.
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Claire  Williams

Claire Williams is one of a number of up and coming artists living and working in Merseyside, England. Working in mixed media, Claire is constantly experimenting with her materials to help her to best reflect the places and environments she depicts.
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Lorna Wilson

Lorna Wilsonís expansive paintings submerge you in to a wonderful world of rich colour. Each painting is created slowly by layer after layer of translucent washes of colour. Each individual layer fully contributing to the subtle interplay of light and depth within the whole. These paintings really are a favourite of Londonart
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Tabitha  Wilson

Tabitha Wilson is currently the Artist in Residence at St Francis' College in Letchworth Garden City. Her interest lies mainly in landscape and its transformation by natural processes such as glaciation. Paintings shown here on Londonart have been inspired by distinctive subjects such as Icelandic river valleys, rocky outcrops and ash clouds. Her sensitivity towards the various aspects of such unusual vistas translates perfectly into her richly textured tonal paintings.
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Gabriel Winkler-Nemes

Gabriel Winker-Nemes' work explores the common ground and philosophies between religious denominations. "Finding the common roots of all sacred traditions around the world's religious systems, I feel," he says, "there is something around and within us, that we all should be looking for, and cherish in ourselves, once we have found it." Deeply inspired by Japanese art including its traditional music, and theatre plays, he finds particular fascination in Ukiyo-e the art of the traditional Japanese woodcuts. Specializing in oil, Winker-Nemes minimalist work hopes to, "express a kind of transparency by using many thin layers and deep spaces on my pictures. I like to leave it to the viewer to decide, what the painting is about." he says. Currently living in Budapest, Hungary, Gabriel Winker-Nemes has exhibited his work across the country and is in numerous private collections.
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Lucie Winterson

The near-mythical paintings of Lucie Winterson highlight her staggering ability to capture the effects of light and shade upon different forms. Rivers and stones are shown in their natural glory and a misty haze floats above country scenes. More than merely representing the scene, the artists seeks to paint the atmosphere of the countryside; beguiling and intense. In these works the world is cloaked in mystery and intrigue and she shows the incredible beauty of the play of light upon the earth. These paintings are incredibly beautiful and fantastically rendered. Her mastery of craft and creative imagination means that she will surely become a firm favourite on the site.
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