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Elizabeth Duncan Meyer

Widely travelled, Duncan Meyer's work is influenced by themes of international culture and by the many and vivid colours she encounters on location.
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Giuseppe Amadio

Following in the long tradition of religious icon art, Giuseppe Amadio makes stunning artworks out of egg-tempera and gold leaf. Based in Tuscany, Italy, the artist makes beautiful devotional art with skill and respect for his craft. Tradition and talent combine in this expert reproductions of masterpieces from art history. These are wonderful works for the right buyer.
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Helen Ayling

Helen Ayling's beautiful silver jewellery takes its inspiration directly from life. Her approach to design is as much inspired by the forms found in nature than the inherent qualities fundamental to it. "I believe in allowing the jewellery to grow and even change through the making process so the result is spontaneous and has free energy." All of Helen Ayling's jewellery is solid silver and is entirely handcrafted.
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Michelle Barlow

Michelle Barlow creates beautiful, earthy art out of readily available materials. Quirky and attractive, these sculptures and mosaics would make an ideal gift or provide a piece of happiness for any room.
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Ruth Berenbaum

Ruth Berenbaum specialises in designing and making in glass. She uses the technique of flameworking to hand-make beautiful, unique jewellery that feels sensational on the skin. All the glass is borosilicate glass: a hard. colourless glass specially designed for the scientific industries. The glass in this collection is mainly clear, some is frosted or coloured. Argentium silver links have been used in some pieces.
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Raffaella Bertolini

At fifteen Raffaella Bertolini began her formal training at the Liceo Artistico a. Martini College of Art in Italy. After moving to London in 1998 Bertolini became part of the underground art movement, 'Random Art' which she still has an influential role in today. Exhibiting in and around London, Random Art hope to collectively express themselves through media, film and art. She syas of her own work, "For me creating art is a way to release energy and express my inner soul; I love to watch people and observe the many different ways that they exhibit themselves, and then to recreate the idea on paper. I love colours, I use different media, I like to experiment with different styles and I never know what I am going to do next…"
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Yuriy Bodnar

Yuriy Bodnar has a long history of exhibitions under his belt and his work has been featured in many publications. Widely collected, his oil paintings often have a sacred, iconic feel about them. Richly textured, with a deft use of the palette knife, they seem to evidence a Cubist influence, which brings life and movement to each piece. Indeed, these 'waves' of light may be perceived as metaphors for a divine spirit suffusing the image.
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Damien Borowik

Damien uses line to express mood. His work often consists of quick, choreographed movement - energetic and frenetic, bursting with excitement and passion. His contrasting use of black ink, juxtaposed with pillar box red, assists in intensifying the works real sense of temperament, potency and power.
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