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Charles Willmott

Charles Willmott has been painting since the early 1960's. During 1991 his first one-man show was staged at London's Mall Galleries. In more recent times Charles has performed with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Royal Ballet. This dedication to the stage and performance achieved him a finalist place in the prestigious Garrick/Milne Prize. Today Charles's divides his work equally between Portraiture, Female Form and Dance.
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Karen Aghamyan

Aghamyan, born in Yerevan, Armenia, has become one of his countries most successful artists. Now president of the Artists Union, Armenia. Karen has exhibited in more than 60 group exhibitions in Armenia and other countries. His works are in permanent collections of several museums: Museum of Contemporary Art in Yerevan, Museum of Contemporary Art in Toulouse, France, Museums of Magnitogorsk, Elista, Novi Urengoy in Russia.
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Sophy Bristol

Bristol's natural ability to manipulate colour and form combined with her sensitive approach to translating human emotion on to a two-dimensional picture plane, results in some enthralling and optimistic figurative paintings of animated human activity. Based in London, her work has been exhibited in London, the USA, South Africa and Singapore.
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Olga Gouskova

Olga Gouskova paints women who are always beautiful and always stylish. Although each painting portrays one woman, these aren't portraits of an individual. They don't seem to reflect individual personalities but instead seem to explore the same personality or an idea of the same stylised personality throughout each of her paintings. The artist's obvious love for pattern and flat washes of colour all help to enhance this idea. Olga Gouskova was born in Russia in 1974 and now lives and works in Belgium.
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Anthony Barrow

Anthony Barrow, a member of NAPA, the National Acrylic Painters Association has been painting for over twenty years. Predominantly a figurative artist Anthony has a prolific output which often overflows into the disciplines of landscape, still life and abstract painting.
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Escha Van Den Bogerd

Escha combines a range of painting techniques - dripping, pouring and glazing- to produce these beautiful, haunting images. A stunning sunset of crimsons and oranges blast onto the canvass and the skillfull details pull in the viewer. The romantic locations and enigmatic poses combine in these beautiful paintings, alive in colour and gripping in content. With bolts of sunlight the canvasses show the depths of passion and poetic affairs of the subjects. Alive and engaging, these are paintings for people with verve in their heart.
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Dan  Green

Dan Green is a figurative artist specialising in oil on canvas. His use of black and white imagery, starkly contrasted by opaque, solid backdrops of lilacs, blues and deep aubergines helps to create a heightened sense of reality. This dexterous use of colour also helps him to generate a peculiar sense of aging and wisdom to even the youngest and innocent of faces. Dan Green exhibits across the UK and has work in private collections across Britain.
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Zachary Walsh

Without a doubt Zachary Walsh’s paintings demonstrate outstanding qualities of draftsman ship and reflect a sensitive gift for portraiture. Zachary Walsh produces some savagely beautiful paintings
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David  Watmough

David Watmough was born in Lincolnshire where he spent the early part of his career. In 1972 he moved to London to Study at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. The knowledge and technique David Watmough has acquired, in a career spanning over 30 years has become his anchor rather than a dead weight, and with each new work his creativity enlightens. "I believe that a picture can make a difference to a person's life - particularly a hand made image." Says David - and in him and his work we believe too.
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Frank Hill

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Frank Hill has a natural affinity for colour and form. Using delicate and refined hues and washes of colour, his work is intrinsically graceful, elegant and full of atmosphere and charm. "Essentially my interest is portraying elegance which is the reason for using ballet as a subject. I believe it is possible to make an elegant painting whatever the subject. Just groups of people in a well balanced composition with a pleasing colour scheme can look extremely elegant." Frank studied painting at the Waltham Forest School of Art. He subsequently spent a number of years working as a designer and illustrator for various design and commercial art studios, before concentrating solely on his painting
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