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Shane Wheatcroft

The main themes I deal with in my work are popular culture, celebrity, the press and politics. I'm particularly interested in the way that popular culture repeatedly presents contradictory messages, and I like to highlight these contradictions and play around with them in my work. I always like to include a humerous element in my work, as personally I've always learnt a lot more about the state of the world through comedy and satire than the mainstream media. Artistically, I'm inspired by art that's bold and full of colour, such as Pop artists of the fifties and sixties, and abstract artists such as Frank Stella.
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Mykal  A. Wright

Mykal A. Wright paints in a variety of styles displaying a wide range of skills. He is greatly inspired by art history and seeks to capture and understand beauty. He uses oils to paint in one of two styles: the first is influenced by Classical art using glazing and precise details to depict clothing, nature or architecture. The second is more Romantic; with looser, thicker brushwork, seeking to express emotions concentrating on wild scenes of nature portraying animals and people.
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The eyecatching work of mORGANICo aaaRT is wide ranging and highly imaginative. Using a variety of different media such as spraypaint, lacquer and gold leaf, this maverick artist is one of Londonart's most "out there" individuals. The sardonic art of mORGANICo aaaRT would look at home anywhere, whether it be in a cool post-modernist loft apartment or on the walls of a council estate. This is art with meaning but a great sense of fun.
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vishnupawan aarts

Vishnu Pawan is an Indian artist currently based in Delhi. A figurative artist specializing in oil on canvas, his work uses angular form and line to help define movement and create an emotional element to his work. Through this use of sharp angular form, he simultaneously divides and unites the composition, pulling our gaze into one area and then expanding it to the whole. His strong use of narrative and symbolic imagery explores colour, harmony and balance and juxtaposes both traditional and contemporary imagery.
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Antonio Abadia

Antonio Abadia was born in 1984, in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico. At only twenty two Antonio Abadía has developed a fascination in the indigenous people of his state. In April 2006 he founded a non profit, non governmental organisation, Raiz Indigena. The organisation provides a space for indigenous people of Chiapas, Mexico to exhibit and sell their art work and runs free workshops for the indigenous people. Escobar now devotes all his time to the organisation and his painting. For further information on his life please refer to his CV pages.
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Zahra Abedy

London-based painter, Zahra makes highly decorative oil paintings using bold colours. Her sensitive approach is evident throughout the variety of images mixing Modernist styles. Surreal foms and complex intertwining narratives abound to tell stories of spiritual moments of the soul.
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Tom Aberneithie

Originally from Australia, Tom Aberneithe gained a distinction in painting and drawing and went on to study History of Art. In 1998 he lived in the East End of London & had a very successful solo show 'Punked 'n' Popped' in a Hoxton gallery. These paintings exhibited here are intended to be a collective work, a document about the end of a tradition in painting and of Art as he understood it. Since then, he has worked as a teacher of Graphics at a comprehensive school in London before taking up the position of Head of Design and Technology at Charterhouse.
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Anton Adamski

Antoni Adamski was born in 1955 and was raised in the countryside near the historic town of Kruszwica, Poland. Adamski has painted since a young age and won a scholarship as a designer and glass artist at 15. At the age of 21, Adamski had his first exhibition at the cultural house of Kruszwica. Later he established his own business trading paintings and antiques and sold many of his own paintings both in Poland and Italy. After moving to Denmark in 2004, he began to focus exclusively on his painting and has to date sold over a hundred paintings which are held in private collections in Denmark.
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Abi Adeyemi

Abi Adeyemi is an abstract painter predominantly working in acrylic on canvas. For Abi the act of creation is one of invention, exploration and experimentation. Only recently discovering her natural ability to translate her thoughts and emotions in to a visual language, Abi is developing her creative skills as she paints, gaining hands on experience with the materials and techniques as well as fine tuning her intuition and aesthetic as she goes along. The range of form, colour and scale found throughout her work reflects this stage of Abi Adeyemi's artistic development and allow us an insight into her life.
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Rashmi Agarwal

Rashmi Agarwal is one of Londonart's most versatile artists. Able to paint equally convincingly in a highly figurative, representational style through to abstraction via lyrical surrealism and geometric pattern. Often with a deeply spirtual atmosphere, Rashmi's is drawn to subject matter conveying aspects of village life such as motherhood and tribal scenes. Rashmi Agarwal's work could be characterised as divinity, devotion and the simple natural miracles of life which bring us pleasure.
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