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Maria Cristina BARACCHI

Italian artist Maria Cristina Baracchi studied Fine Art at the Institute Adolfo Venturi in her home town of Modena. At the same time she worked as a fashion designer and stylist for the family business and over the years has developed a great sensitivity to the human body and figurative style. Baracchi cites her bohemian upbringing as her main inspiration: she was trained as a little girl by her grandfather Leopold Baracchi (painter, sculptor and musician; 1905-1972) to detect imperfections in the paintings he was making. Around the same age she developed a passion for ballet and music and would endlessly paint dancers and performers. Since 2005 Baracchi has been able to devote all her energies to painting.She exhibits all over Italy and has a number of portraits in private collections.
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Wayne Barker

Wayne Barker's artistic career spans almost two decades, marked by a bitter-sweet mix of politics, poetry and passion for subversion. At times Pop Art, at others a layered deployment of traditional genres and media. From the first seduction to the twist in the gut, it is as beautiful as it is provoking.
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Jane Barnes

Kent based artist Jane Barnes paints with gouache on watercolour paper. In this series she depicts elephants and masks.
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Sally Barton

Sally Barton's expertise in the medium of watercolour is evident in the variety of images she shows on Londonart. "The Society Page" is an experimental and humorous use of this traditional medium. By rendering the laughing figures in black and white, she seems to question the function of such reportage and indeed such events.
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Gordana Batic

Gordana Batic hopes to transcend current artistic fashions, principles and contemporary art theory by focusing on what he believes painting should offer the public at large in the 21st Century. Predominantly a figurative painter Gordana uses the figure to express his desires, aspirations and hopes. His optimistic approach to creating work not only reflects his artistic integrity but echoes a sense of harmonic balance which is fundamental to each piece.
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Deborah Batt

Although Deborah Batt’s extensive visual vocabulary enables her to work with a huge variety of mediums, in this latest series of ‘ flower’ images she solely utilises digital photography and computer generated manipulation to explore the juxtaposition of colour, form and shape.
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Sylvia Batycka

Sylvia inclines to painting and drawing practice, however she works across wide range of media, originating personal means of expression through applying both traditional and innovative techniques. She works both from observation and reference pictures, altering the image, exploring transition from representational forms into the abstract ones. The themes of her work evolve around female identity, sexuality, urban environment seen as an entity, and their possible interactions. Sylvia is absorbed with both ends of vitality – decay spectrum and placing her artistic subjects on those peripheries.
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