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Pat Burke

Pat Burke lives and paints in the North of England. Based on his vast experience of portrait commissions and through popular demand, Pat now divides his commission time between painting 'real' people, and painting their celebrity idols such as Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, Bob Marley.
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Mark Burrell

Mark Burrell is a leading member of "The North Sea Magic Realists", a group based in East Anglia.He has exhibited widely and often been interviewed about his work by Anglian Television. His work is mostly figurative or in the case of his landscapes, imbued with human presence. He makes use of a palette of night- time blue/violet hues and yellows that enable a "glow" in the work, enhancing the appeal of his fantastic stories.
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Simon Butler

Simon Butler believes that a good portrait should capture the personality and character of the subject. After graduating in 1988 Simon has been painting mainly portraits ever since and has received commissions for his paintings from all over the world. Specialising in oil on canvas, his realistic approach has been appreciated by many, including his contemporaries.
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Corinna Button

Corinna Button is fascinated with 'people, drama and mystery'. As a painter and printmaker, specialising in Etching and Oil, her figurative work draws on an eclectic mix of references and inspirational sources. Through the act of creation, a layering of images and ideas, Corinna invents a unique set of narratives, characters and environments… "I bury and flood images with surface colour and texture, then dig them out again - excavating and scraping away, instinctively finding new inspiration in the underlying layer… I often experiment with the human form and / or place them in fantastical situations to further capture and exaggerate identity or to emphasise a particular something about the human condition." Corinna Button exhibits her work across England and the UK.
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Henry Byrne

Henry Byrne is a recent graduate of Camberwell School of Art. He has a distinctive technique of painting acrylic onto silk to produce a fresh, irreverent, pop style.
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maxine byron

By using a mixture of techniques and methods, Maxine Bryon is able to craft a wide and interesting portfolio that captured our imagination at LondonArt. By using a photograph as inspiration, she twists and manipulates the image in order to make paintings that resonate with a depth of colour that strikes the audience. Her work wonderfully captures the way in which light can bounce and distort around an image and create a multitude of impressions within the same picture. Having exhibited repeatedly over the past few years, her work has gained a wide interest and this has lead to her to offer a commissions service. If you like artwork with an interesting, contemporary angle and appreciate a rich, colourful canvass, take a look though this collection and be prepared to be impressed. Byron is a gifted artist and we are delighted to show her work to our customers around the world.
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Enrique Cabarcos

The most recent interest of the artist, whose career touched upon many techniques including drawing and painting, is computer art. It evolved from the interest in traditional photography and the desire to go a step further in his creation of images. Enrique's digital photography is crisp and illuminating.
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Trudie Canwood

Come on in, sit down, have some tea. Join the party. This is feel good art for a joyful collector. Blues, reds and yellows combine to create a singing atmosphere that would bring light, life and delight to any setting. After exhibiting solo in the Netherlands, Denmark and New York, LondonArt is now pleased to bring Trudie Canwood to a UK audience. Sunny blue skies or the deep darkness of night frame the action and give depth to the gazing characters who look out and invite the viewer in. The use of block, primary colours give a pop art feel to the these images and create the carefree vibe. Trudie paints with a contagious happiness and we hope you enjoy viewing this collection.
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Fernando Carballa

Delicate and meticulous, Carballa’s crisp but gentle colour and light calm our senses by allowing our thoughts to slowly travelaround the whole of the painting.
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Horacio Cardozo

Horacio Cardozo's desire to understand the inherent relationship between human nature, the universal order, and the underlying reality, leads him to create images that attempt to explain that which defies reason. Cardozo was born in Argentina, where he studied Architecture and Design at Buenos Aires University and Philosophy at Del Salvador University. In 1987 his drawing skills and admiration for fine arts, especially those of the Renaissance period, led him to explore a career in painting. Horacio is currently living in Auckland, New Zealand where he works as a Graphic Artist and continues to develop his artistic career.
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