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Laura Garza

Laura Gabriela Garza Moreno was born in 1975 in Mexico City. Now taking part in Londonart’s and Latido Latino’s joint venture, Latido Latino, an online exhibition which showcases the work of some of the best contemporary Latin American artists. After finishing her Masters Degree in Fine Art Paining from the University Of Guadalajara, Mexico, Laura Gaza has exhibited her work in both group and solo exhibitions across Guadalajara, Mexico, and has also participated in exhibitions in France, Spain.
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Oman Gauchan

Nepalese artist Oman Gauchan paints the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of Thakola region in the Himalayas, where his family have lived for generations. As a young man he was trained by his father (who also served in the British Army as a Gurkha) in the traditional style of Nepalese painting and then went on to complete his studies at art school in Nepal. Oman now lives in Colchester and works as a web designer. He says, "My inspirations comes from my country and the breathtaking view of the mighty Himalayas. These inspirations helps me to portray my imaginations and creativity to create a fine art." Oman also shows at the Ssyambhu gallery in Nepal.
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This painter creates stunningly atmospheric figurative art that draws inspiration from the greats of art history; Caravaggio’s lighting and Rembrant’s figures. Dark and stylish, this is quality art work to be appreciated by a discerning collector.
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Joanna Geldard

Joanna Geldard is a Derbyshire-based artist who has developed a unique technique of stitching, knitting and printing onto textiles and fabric. She is inspired by the forms in nature.
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Michelle Gibbs

Michelle Gibbs vibrantly coloured paintings are inspired by her travels all over the world, especially New York, Australia, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand. "From the blues and greens of the great barrier reef in Australia, to the orange and reds of the Fijian sunsets, travelling has brought vibrancy and energy into my work", she says "Through the unique combinations of colour and texture I am able to express my experiences and share them in a contemporary and abstract form. It is my aim to transform a space from a basic and simple room, into one filled with energy, inspiration, dedication and light." Michelle has a GNVQ in advanced art and design, and a degree in Interior Design. She works from her home studio in Portsmouth.
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Karl Gietl

Travel has been intrinsic to the artistic practice of the prizewinning South African artist Karl Gietl. Said to 'broaden the mind', it is intriguiing to wonder if his own worldly experiences have been instrumental in the powerful figurative paintings he produces. They have been described as 'painted documentaries' and are certainly ironic, humorous and often biting social commentary. They have been exhibited both in South Africa and internationally with great success.
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Lloyd  Gill

Lloyd Gill's paintings aim to explore and question the notion of space and our reality of it. Lloyd Gill's fascination with trying to understand the universe, the relationship between spatial dimensions and perception, in conjunction with art and science, has led him to investigate and research some of the most recent and complex of scientific and theoretical ideas. Applying his investigative research and theoretical study, by reflecting and developing them within a visual language, Lloyd hopes to make his paintings, "depict a reality which represents more than three dimensions of space." After successfully completing his Fine Art degree, Lloyd Gill won the Governor's Prize, Student of the Year Award, and the Harry Walker Prize, 2002, at Bath's Victoria Gallery. Exhibiting throughout the UK, including the countries capital and major city galleries, Lloyd Gill now lives and works in Weston Super Mare, UK.
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Fabio Giovannoni

Catholic imagery was always a source of inspiration for Fabio. Religious themes and scenes inspired by biblical stories are often present in Fabio's paintings. The artist is fascinated by skilful religious painters and their masterly works. Like them, Fabio paints slowly, layer by layer to accomplish depth, texture, and colour, as well as emotion.
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In the early Nineties, Tessa Gkotzamani studied for six years in the private studio of the well known Greek painter Kwsta Xanthopoulos and his team. She has been much inspired too by the galleries of London and Europe. She is a keen portrait and figure painter favouring oil and acrylics.
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