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Eleanor Frances

Eleanor Frances is a self-taught English artist presently living and working in London. Time spent in India and Asia in her early twenties proved to be a hugely influential time for Frances. “India unlocked the need to be free from old teachings and embrace a deeper insight into who we are and why we are.” She says. “My paintings are expressive pieces often reflecting the darker side to urban living; the extremes of emotion, detailed and precise, in total control of my brush, no strokes are left to chance.” This latest collection of works were inspired by a recent period of time spent living in Barcelona and Paris. Clearly iinfluenced by strong vibrant colour, she is currently working on a collection of abstracted works which focus on colour, shape and texture.
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Karen  Frandsen

Karen Fransden’s work is fuelled by her passion for mythology, fantasy and the supernatural. Her work draws on both classical and modern mythology and aims to allow the viewer a moment of escape from the every day. Karen was recently featured in ‘Feng Shui for modern living’ an international magazine and ‘real Homes’ magazine.
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Matt Franks

Largely self taught, Matt Franks' eloquent photorealist style has led to numerous commissions, including a portrait of Margaret Brett OBE, a commission for the Office of Fair Trading, and promotional material for the Charity Medicinema. For Matt his portraiture work is the most challenging. "I consider it to be the most difficult subject to draw accurately and as such, is a challenge" he says. Generally working from photographs, his portraits can take up to ten hours to complete. Matt Franks is currently available for commission with
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Steve Fraser

There is an intriguing blend of abstraction and figuration in the beguiling work of Steve Fraser, whose images are uniquely Scottish and of the borders. His work is imaginatively imbued with diverse narratives as he combines the depiction of flora, fauna and human figures with ancient mythological tales. The breadth of his vision is quite fascinating and makes a viewer want to know more...!
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james freiberg

These luscious close-up portraits confer a kind of rococo coquettishness on their subjects. With a method of paint application that is playful, louche and uncompromising, these artworks mark James Freiberg out as a painter with a distinctive, immediately recognisable style. Somehow historicizing the sitters in spite of his contemporary approach to paint, James is able to cleverly conjure up different moments from the canon of painting in the viewer's memory. The work takes us on a journey from Arcimboldo's juicy fruit and veg ensembles to Auerbach's frenzied brushwork, albeit with a gentler feel.
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Eiichi Fukuda

Eiichi Fukuda has as his focus, the distinctive differences between eastern and western artistic media. He brings them together in unexpected ways and celebrates the drama of their meeting. It might be imagined that they are a metaphor for cultural or even biographical moments. He exhibits regularly in London and Japan.
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Richard Fuller

Richard Fuller is attracted to flowers for their simplicity and their beauty. They give him the opportunity to express himself through rich, vibrant colour, while at the same time allow him to manipulate their scale to produce huge, dramatic canvasses.
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Chris Furse

Chris Furse has led an amazingly varied and enriched life. Furse spent his early career working as a Royal Navy Dagger Marine Engineer Officer and Commander, OBE RN. “I served in a dozen ships, and ashore, teaching post-graduates. The fourth generation of Furse to become a painter, he has always held an interest in Ornithology. His time in the Navy served to intensify his interest in birds and so he subsequently went on to publish his work, illustrating his own and other people’s books and articles. His work in the field of ornithology has led to many expeditions exploring the islands in Antarctica. He has worked as a lecturer of Ornithology for the Royal Geographical Society; Scott Polar Research Institute; Alpine Club, and more recently on board polar expedition ships.
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Olga Gal

Originally trained as a ceramicist, Olga now translates those 3 dimensional skills on to a 2 dimensional plane. Strong and powerful imagery is combined with equally fervent washes of deep earthy colours, often juxtaposing figurative imagery with bold yet soft blocks of colour. Using an essentially geometric structure she produces some well balanced and well executed paintings.
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