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Biagio Mastroianni

Mastroinni’s intriguing, rich, narratives explore the “mystical subtleties of numerological systems” while depicting the harsh realities of London life.
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Natalie Matthews

DOGS!!! Our canine companions have inspired love and friendship from humankind since the earliest times. Artists as far back as Stubbs have drawn inspiration from their varied forms. Natalie Matthews has found a way of converting this deeply embedded sense of companionship into paint to create a series of portraits that are totally endearing. Her direct, confident approach, painting mostly without background or on a pared down, neutral ground, endows them with an expressive fluidity that is somehow extremely fashionable and contemporaneous.
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Krzysztof Mazurek

"My paintings are an expression of my feelings, emotions and visions…I work with colour and signs to create abstraction, expression or a symbolic picture…" says Mazurek, adding, "Inspirations come from my own inner world. In my pictures, I aspire to create 'clear' paintings, in which you can see and feel the movement of the brush, the play of the colours, shapes and contrast ." Born in 1974 in Lublin, Poland, Krzysztof Mazurek is currently living and working in London, UK.
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Lilia Mazurkevich

Lilia's oil paintings on linen or canvas appear almost photoreal but their subject matter belies this. With a tricksterish feel to them, they conjure up a playful atmosphere that is quite mysterious, even bordering at times on sadistic! With great skill, she takes command of her imagination, seemingly able to evoke whatever comes to mind. Whether it be a Medusa-like woman with a head full of snakes; competitive businessmen stripped of their suits or jokers in elaborate headgear. But each artwork expresses and invites a smile.
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Painting and drawing from the model and still life is clearly a productive source for artist Helen McCarthy, Whilst her life drawings are structurally accurate and lyrical, her paintings from life have an expressive quality that resides in the blended, indistinct quality of her paint application. She favours saturated hues and her understated tonal palette further enhances the dreamlike effect. Her recent abstracted drawings in charcoal and pastel are clearly drawn from the memory of observation but seem to seek to distil the presence of human energy and life force.
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Lee McConville

“Most of my work is from my imagination, childhood memories or people I have seen in a world that sometimes seems to border on farce.” Say’s Lee McConville. Exploring the darker side of fairy tales and circus memories McConville is an automatic painter. “What I paint is instinctive and depends on my mood. I never do any preliminary sketches or drawings, I find that my initial excitement is lost if I don't jump straight in and paint.” she says. Specialising in acrylic, watercolour and mixed media, McConville finds that the water based mediums suit her organic and immediate pace.
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Alex McGill

A sheer love of the painting process is evident in Alex's work and how he talks about it. Studying to be an architect, he speaks of how he enjoyed his previous work on construction sites, enjoying the layout of buildings in progress. His paintings are sensitively built up in stages using a variety of mixed media and have a real freedom about them. His series of churches have a dayglo - Gothic feel and yet posess a delicate atmosphere which perhaps derives from the description of 'hard' construction with a ' feminine' colour scheme.
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Allyssa McIntyre

Allyssa McIntyre is a young Norwich artist who paints with a charming naive style
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