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Mariana Szulman

Mariana Szulman’s paintings are refreshingly vibrant, colourful and full of life. Containing a wonderful, childlike energy and excitement, Mariana’s drawings and paintings reflect her pure sense of joy and delight in colour and form.
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Gabriela Szulman

Gabriela Szulman is a painter and printmaker. Predominantly inspired by memory and memories, each image is constructed through layers, much in the way that memories are constructed. The result is a combination of textures, shapes and photographs. The photographic component of the work, often blurred, faint and subtle, has become the "anchor", or focus for each individual piece. "Old family photographs are emotionally powerful metaphors for human memory". She says, adding, "They represent an irrecoverable past, something that has been and will never be again. They are personal documents which tell a story, both through the moments that have been captured and through those that have been left out." Gabriela Szulman attempts to capture the tangled web of emotional and visual associations which constitutes our personal memory, and at the same time evoke the viewer's own meanings, stories and recollections. Gabriela Szulman is happy to undertake commissions.
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Rachel Alleyne

Alleyne's delicate veiling of large cutting expanses of rich seductive colour create paintings that allow the viewer a moment of contemplative reflection. Following in the footsteps of some of the great artists in history, including, Stanley Spencer, Paul Nash, Ben Nicholson, Uan Uglow, Paula Rego, William Coldstream, and Rachel Whiteread, Alleyne trained at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1992 - 1998. Rachel Alleyne has won many awards, including, The 'Dolbey Travel Scholarship', which enabled her to travel and exhibit in Barbados, where she produced some of her finest seascape paintings. Her most notorious show to date, 'In Turner's Footsteps', was held at the Tate Britain Gallery, London, and celebrated the work of her contemporaries, and acknowledged the legacy of William Turner. Rachel Alleyne's work is in private collections across the UK and abroad.
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Cuillin Bantock

Bantock's holistic compositions unobtrusively divulge his inner mental process and workings.
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Marcus Bishop

Marcus Bishop is a ‘free form’ painter. Listening to music, he allows his mind to clear of daily thoughts and cares and then relinquishes his deep felt emotions on to the canvas. Each painting is started and completed in one session, in the hope that it will reflect the intensity of emotion he experiences while painting.
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Ed Chapman

Ed Chapman is one of the UK's leading mosaic artists working in ceramic and glass tile. Achieving incredibly accurate results, Chapman has taken the age old medium of mosaic to a modern high standard. His work incorporates all sorts of iconic imagery and his 3-D works are exciting and stylish, as well as being instantly recognisable. Working painstakingly on every creation, Chapman has exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic and has undertaken commissions for an eclectic array of celebrities from the worlds of politics to sport
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J. L. Dean

Dean ‘s fascination with the human form enables him to produce these extraordinary studies of life.
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Paulina Deutsch

In the late 1980s, following three years as a performance artist with the Black Mime Theatre Company, Paulina turned her attention to music, jewelry making and installations, enjoying commercial success and completing work for Katherine Hammnett and Oasis Trading. Whilst studying at Saint Martins College of Art in London, Paulina has been painting prolifically for nine years, in the main producing work for private commissions.
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Elizabeth Duncan Meyer

Widely travelled, Duncan Meyer's work is influenced by themes of international culture and by the many and vivid colours she encounters on location.
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Debra  Franses Bean

Debra Franses- Bean's use of the handbag as an iconic form began as a method for self portraiture. However, upon the works completion it became apparent that they operate on a more universal level where they reference the female condition. The handbag and its contents reflects all women's cultures and identities. The themes running through the ready made and cast sculptures are bitter sweet and funny. The significance of the design has developed from the personal and turned into an expression for culture in our time.
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