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George Stubbs

Mainly painting in Oil George Stubbs's landscape paintings are created from his memory and imagination. Many of the scenes reflect real landscapes from a cherished time spent living and painting in Marrakech, North Africa.
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Mario Sughi

Mario Sughi is an Italian illustrator and cartoonist with a wry sense of humour who lives and works in Dublin. In the late Seventies he worked as a humorist for Italian satirical magazines Zut and Il Male in Rome and then moved to Dublin in the Eighties where he studied Medieval History at Trinity College and was awarded a PhD. His work has been published and exhibited all over the world including The Shiny Squirrel Gallery, NY; Little Paper Airplanes, L.A; Wannabee and DOZ Gallery Milan, Italy; Irish Art House, Tullamore and The Loft, Dublin, Ireland.
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Graham Swan

Having trained in Edinburgh as a graphic artist, Graham Swan's sources of inspiration are eclectic, merging High Art with Popular Culture. His "Art for All" series, mix together diverse references to create combinations such as comic books v Impressionism. His skills as a draughtsman are clearly evident in portraits of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Swan's colourful style is sure to appeal to a wide range of tastes.
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Arisa Tabaku

With a free and easy style, Arisa Tabaku's enjoyment of painting really comes across. The lyricism of her figurative works, especially "Girl Bathing" is further emphasised in abstracts such as "The Universe". Only an artist immersed in the creative process could so confidently produce such a clear work of sheer pleasure! In works such as these, one is reminded of the child-like wonder of artist Paul Klee. Her London-based paintings also benefit from that same energy. With their lilting brushwork, they describe the sights of this great capital with the artist's, colourful and quirky approach.
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Blendi Tagani

Having studied art at the Istituto Arte Umberto Nordio in Trieste, Italy, Blendi Tagani hails from a family background of artists. His interests lie in figurative, fantasy and animation art. Inspired by his previous work in the cinema, he is motivated by taking film stills from famous films and turning them into artworks with dynamic colour. Actual scenes or memories of scenes are re-animated and embellished using acrylic on paper.
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Jacqueline Talbot

Jacqueline Talbot is a figurative artist specialising in acrylic on canvas. Jacqueline Talbot's paintings incorporate the life model in her environment only as a point of reference. Her slightly surreal paintings have become far more than technical reflections of reality.
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Wendy Tate

Wendy Tate’s true love for her chosen materials fuels her creative talents. Using both Acrylic and Oil paint she combines gold leaf and tissue paper to create imagery that has a specific and defined ‘feel’ to it. Focusing on the human form she executes this unique mix media, collage approach, resulting in these sensitive and often reflective figurative paintings.
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David Taylor

David Taylor studied Architecture and Design at the London Design School. His career as an Architect led him to travel extensively, visiting many countries and diverse landscapes across the world. This experience had a powerful effect on him and initially inspired him to begin painting. Taylor uses his visual memory as his main point of reference. By manipulating the oil paint with palette knife and brush, he builds a sense of depth and atmosphere which reflects some of the dramatic weather conditions he so enjoys painting. Looking to Turner for inspiration he hopes to create, “an almost religious and mystic quality to his work.”
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