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Michael  Hawkey

Michael Hawkey creates contemporary iconic imagery in oil and Acrylic. Focusing on both portraiture and cityscapes his work is initially created in black and white and uses an over layering of vibrant colour to reflect the energy and impact of the person or scene. “I consider myself to be an innovative and conscientious individual who has achieved recognition in areas of Art and Design, fashion, graphic design and textiles”, he says.
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Catherine Hayes

Catherine trained at Wimbledon School of Art gaining a First Class Honours. After working in Sotheby's for ten years she is currently raising a family of three in Surrey. Somehow she has found time amongst her maternal duties to begin painting again! She is keen to work on a commission basis and her style of child-friendly art as pictured here will be sure to be of special appeal to Londonart's younger visitors...
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Gerard Hazlehurst

GERARD HAZLEHURST Gerard has painted his whole life, working for a time as a draughtsman at Vickers Elswick and now runs Tyne Bridge Art. For many years he focused on water colours in the style of Richard Simpkin, and is currently concentrating on cityscapes and views of Newcastle and Granger Town. His work captures the grandeur of city scapes, imposing symbols of modernity such as the Tyne Bridge which is set against a stark, blazing orange sunset. He is able to be both bold and deft with colour, his landscape paintings show a keen sensibility to the natural world and a remarkable sensitivity to the play of light as displayed in his beautiful paintings of the Yorkshire Dales.
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S Healy

Sarah's work entered the main stream in late 2006 when the Royal Yacht Hotel commissioned her for several pieces for their grande opening in Jersey. Sarah has exhibited a number of times in the UK since that date with her label SARAH MAIE ART and collaborates with many Interior Design companies. Today her works remain immensely popular in restaurants, hotels and private homes around the globe. Sarah now paints to commission which she finds immensely satisfying. Her work is collected by national and international clients. Sarah's work is diverse and contemporary in style, using a range of mixed media to achieve rich textures and vibrant colours. Her paintings are original and unique. They explore the relationships between texture, light and form, are created with and empowered by emotion, they experiment with colour and depth and reach far beyond the visually apparent form to stimulate the viewers senses.
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Julian Heath

Julian Heath is a fine art photographer who mainly works with digital cameras. He studied photography at the City and Guilds in the mid seventies. He says of his practice, "I've always tried to acheive pictures with that extra edge whether it's b&w or colour; shapes and contasts interest me but even simple scenes attract me if the image is pleasing and restful. I have always striven to produce images that are unusual but can be lived with and have an air of mystery about them."
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Pat Hedger

Pat Hedger's large scale depictions in Acrylic on canvas of collections of stones and pebbles would make a beautiful addition to any home or office space.
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Georg Heider

George Heider is a self-taught artist who finds inspiration in the work of great artists such as Hundertwasser, Chagall, O Keeffe, Hockney, Gauguin, Matisse, van Gogh. His works have an immense freedom about them, created as reverse paintings on glass. Heider sees the material of the universe as joy, which gives us strength and energy. This medium has long since been associated with religious and popular art, but Heider wishes to endow it with a more modern feel, often painting surreal, imagined subjects with a double meaning. He also seeks to convey movement and bright colors; filling the image with dreams, longings and subjects that create happiness.
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Peter Heuscher

"Painting for me is another dimension of language." Says Peter Heuscher, adding, "It is a passion - a creative process that allows a more active perception of the world, and accentuates empathy." Seeking to visualise, "people's emotions and longings", together with a desire to capture the beauty of the landscape, Heuscher has created a hundred paintings in just over three years. Born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1943, Peter Heuscher now lives and works in Queensland, Australia. His work can be found in numerous private collections in Australia, America and Europe.
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Frank Hill

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Frank Hill has a natural affinity for colour and form. Using delicate and refined hues and washes of colour, his work is intrinsically graceful, elegant and full of atmosphere and charm. "Essentially my interest is portraying elegance which is the reason for using ballet as a subject. I believe it is possible to make an elegant painting whatever the subject. Just groups of people in a well balanced composition with a pleasing colour scheme can look extremely elegant." Frank studied painting at the Waltham Forest School of Art. He subsequently spent a number of years working as a designer and illustrator for various design and commercial art studios, before concentrating solely on his painting
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Nick  Hirst

Nick Hirst is trained as an Architect and applies the same rigor too much of his painting and drawing work. Concentrating on watercolour, pencil and inks he places great emphasis on drawn images and investigations into perspective. He has exhibited in many galleries within the UK, and also works in the field of architectural illustration. He has exhibited at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour in London, and won the RIBA Wessex Graphics Prize in 1996.
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