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Philip Edwards

These highly charged, labour - intensive expanses of charcoal with their intricate mesh of marks work to produce vistas of the divine. Simply awe inspiring, Philip Edwards creates mysterious, highly covetable pieces.
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Peter Edwards

Peter Edwards lives and works in Oxfordshire ,England. He graduated in fine art from Bath Academy of Art in the late 1970's He is principally a landscape painter and has painted the Oxfordshire landscape for the past 40 years, his work depicts the rural landscape in a naturalistic way using a limited palette of mainly oil colours painted on board, canvas or paper. The paintings are generally intimate in scale and treatment where the scenes of farmyards, hedgerows and tracks capture a particular place in a moment in time.
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munir eisa

Kenyan-born Munir Eisa has a life-long passion for wildlife which is reflected many of her paintings. Since living in England, where she works as an architect, she has developed a fascination for winter landscapes.
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Laura H Elliott

For Laura Elliott, drawing, painting and photography play an equally important role. Principally working in acrylic and oil paints, Laura's work aims to explore concepts of, emotion, memory, location, self, and identity and uses a variety of techniques and mediums to do this. Central to her work, its identity and aesthetic is her uplifting use of colour. "I feel that colour can explore and connote a deep emotional meaning to viewers of my work and this is a central consideration when each piece is created." She has exhibited her work across the UK and has work in private collections across Britain and America
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Brian Elwell

Brian Elwell’s panoramic urban reflections rush across the canvas as fast as the brain can travel. They record the essence of detail, form, colour, shape, as if recounting a whole journey’s landscape on fast forward.
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Anthony  Emerton

Middlesex based artist Anthony Emerton paints cityscapes in oil and acrylic and is very influenced by the painters of the early 20th Century.
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Kristin Erken

Kristin mostly paints on natural materials such as slate and plywood. The rough finish, edges and warp of some of the pieces that she finds, form an integral part of the work. "These paintings try to explore the past 'experience' or 'memory' of the materials I paint on in creating a new window or landscape using their natural forms and textures" says the artist. The natural wood and rock surfaces merge with painterly spaces and the forms of plants, insects, the human body, water, rock and other organic life. The works blur the lines or boundaries between different forms of life, mixing them in a visual soup of line and texture. Objects blend into one another as part of a bigger pattern.
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Robert Eva

Robert Eva is a UK based artist specializing in acrylic on canvas. On visiting Eva’s online exhibition you will notice that his work displays a number of different genres and styles which naturally fall in to several groupings and collections of work. Exploring a particular subject of theme, he finds himself working on a set of paintings which are influenced by the last. “I don’t paint to a specific theme” he says, “I will create a series of paintings on one subject or theme, and then move on to something different as my inspiration takes me on my artistic journey.” As one collection leads him on to the next, Robert Eva creates a strong visual map of his artistic journey.
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Matthew David Evans graduated from Leicester Polytechnic BA (Hons) Graphic Design in 1989 and currently works in the greeting card industry . He has exhibited nationally and internationally. In 1996 he won the Townscape and Landscape category in the Society of all Artists “Open Painting Competition”, whilst in 2002 he exhibited in the “Europastel” Exhibition in Italy and Russia. He has produced many commissions for private buyers with favourite themes being house “portraits”. In 2009 he was named "Best in Show" at the inaugural West Yorkshire Open Art Competition.
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