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Keith Ashley Ward

Keith Ashley Ward is a landscape artist specialising in oil on canvas. His work reflects his own passion for colour and light and depicts his surrounding landscapes with a sense of imagination and fun. His inspiration comes from a rich family life where he has spent many hours with his daughters in their wonderful make believe world and in the company of the children he teaches. Keith Ashley Ward studied art at Loughton College and is held in numerous private collections.
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Peter C. Warden

Peter C Warden is both a talented Landscape painter and an equally skilful figurative painting. It is unusual for a painter of Peter’s calibre to wish to create both figurative and landscape paintings simultaneously but his natural desire and ability to observe and then document, enables him to advance between the two genres with ease. Peter regularly exhibits in Cornwall, England
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Malcolm Warrilow

Malcolm Warrilow creates visually stunning landscapes and his work is in much demand. He was trained in the graphic arts and it is this that perhaps accounts for the pleasing composition, appealing planes of flat colour and decorative lines that make his work so arresting.
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Jon Watson

Watson’s lavish apllication of paint and sumptuous colour evoke a sense of place rather than reproducing the specific.
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Andrew Watts

Travel is one of the fundamental joys of life. Andrew Watts studied art in England, Paris and Madrid and has created many wonderful images that act as the diary of his adventures. His watercolours have been sold to many private individuals who are drawn to the skilled hand, lavish details and intense beauty in all of his work. Whether capturing boys fishing in Australia or the lunch served to an artist in France, his paintings retain a simple pleasure at the blissful moments of a person’s life. His seascapes show the energy and bracing breeze of English costal settings, while his farmyard scenes are delicately detailed and meticulously caught. When travelling into Europe he revels in the light and beauty of fishing villages in Spain and French riverside moorings. These paintings would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys skilfully painted watercolours and a slice of tranquil splendour.
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Zoe Webster

Zoe Webster's oil paintings capture some of London's most scenic landmarks and beautiful escapist vistas of faraway holiday places. There is a wistfulness in her work that relates perhaps to her perceptiveness to the quality of light in every scene. Building up a lively impasto, the gentle curving brushstrokes she employs create an impressionistic feel.
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Eric Weiner

Eric Weiner’s work often takes the form of an extended series—each image begets yet another—which in turn is parent to the next. As each image evolves out of the one immediately preceding it an internal cohesion between images becomes apparent. This instinctive interplay creates organic themes and often-unconscious narratives between all his beautiful images, resulting in a strong and cohesive body of work. All his images are printed to the very highest standard of archival print.
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Dan Wellington

"I paint atmospheric landscape oil paintings, taking inspiration from the endless skies and rolling hills of Bedfordshire, to the expansive coastline of East Anglia and beyond. Light and cloud play a significant part in my paintings and I enjoy the challenge of capturing these elements on canvas. Depth and atmosphere are built up using palette knives and brushes to produce a variety of effects and textures, creating my interpretation of scenes from calm reflective water to exaggerated and often stormy skies. I use photos and sketches as reference for my paintings, but rely more heavily on memories from my time spent in the great outdoors and the wonder of nature and the elements."
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Anthony Whishaw R.A

Antony Whishaw RA is one of the most outstanding British 20th Century artists. He has work in distinguished private collections worldwide, including; the Arts Council of Great Britain, the European Parliament, National Westminster Bank, the Royal Academy and the Royal College of Art, London as well as exhibiting in some of the most prestigious galleries through out the world.
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