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Susan Mulley Bennett

Susan Mully’s beautiful sculptures seek to question our sense of being our relationship with mortality.
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Simon Temblett

We can all outwardly appreciate Simon Temblett's Art for its apparent beauty and poise, yet if we wish to wholly comprehend his work, we need to think beyond the form, and explore his work in its entirety. See Artist of the Week.
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Elizabeth Duncan Meyer

Widely travelled, Duncan Meyer's work is influenced by themes of international culture and by the many and vivid colours she encounters on location.
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Lawrence Douglas  Davis. NS

Lawrence Douglas Davis is a British artist living and working in Portsmouth. Although Lawrence Davis's figurative Sculpture could be seen as heavily classical in its style and form, his choice of medium gives his work a lighter more contemporary and somewhat more delicate twist.
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Helen Juste

Helen Juste's curvaceous and organic sculptures, originally made in plaster and finally cast in bronze are greatly influence by British artists, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. Helen's subjects, mother and child and family groupings create an integral sense of emotion and sentiment to each intimate sculpture.
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Csilla Varga

Born in Hungary in 1975 Csilla Varga has lived and worked in London, UK since 2000. A sculptor of growing reputation, Csilla specialises in solid bronze figurative sculpture. By exploring the human form Varga hopes "to achieve more levels of meaning, more possibilities of understanding. I would like to think of my works, as signs, that people would remember in very important moments of their lives, something that would leave a mark on their soul." Now currently exhibiting in the UK and France, Varga's expressive work has recently been commissioned and is now held in numerous private collections across London.
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Kathy Prest SWA

Kathy Prest's fascination with the human form comes from an empirical understanding of movement and rhythm. Kathy has recently become an elected member of the Society of Women Artists and now Kathy exhibits her work across the UK - galleries include, Christies, Phillips Fine Art, McHardy Sculpture Company and the Westminster Gallery for the Society of Women Artists.
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Samantha Loggie

Samantha Loggie is inspired by the beauty of the human form. Specialising in Bronze, her figurative work hopes to reflect a 'fundamental mix of power and vulnerability'. Working with a process based material such as bronze, requires a great deal of patience and foresight from the artist. Samantha's expressive use of gesture and form, roughly modelling the surface of the clay before the sculpture is cast, adds a real sense of fluidity and movement to the final piece. Influenced by film, photography and dance, Samantha's, Bronze sculptures capture an intense sense of emotion in a fleeting moment in time. Loggie's pieces are held in private collections in the UK, the US, South Africa and the Middle East. Samantha has undertaken a number of portrait commissions for a mix of corporate and private clients.
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David Newman

It is difficult to believe that David's sculptures were once unwanted blocks of stone or unused pieces of wood. What others may consider superfluous, David finds inspiration in. For him the initial material has got a potential that waits impatiently to be realised. David has got an ability to bring stone and wood, which are believed to be unanimated matter, to glamorous life.
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Peter Rodulfo

Peter Rodulfo was born in 1958 and studied at the Norwich school of Art and Design from 1975 - 1979. The son of, Monty Rodulfo, a British Intelligence Agent, Rudolfo spent much of his childhood traveling across India and Australia, before later settling in Norfolk, UK. With a professional career now spanning over twenty five years, Rodulfo has produced a prolific and constant output of work. Utilising a variety of mediums and techniques his work crosses, painting, sculpture, collage, relief and construction. "I work largely from memory and imagination." he says. "I am more interested in the inaccuracies of memories than by their precision, and so my work treads the borderline between dreams and reality. "
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