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Jamie Ball

Jamie Ball's photographs document his extensive travels to Asia and South America as well as depicting his travels around his home country of Ireland. His selection of images reflect some of the most poignant moments of his travels. Jamie's prints are available in six sizes, ranging from 12 inches by 8 inches to the largest at 24 inches by 20 inches.
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Julie Beresford

The majority of Julie Beresfordís current work is based on or around family and friends. She is intrigued by the negativity and darkness that people, including children, have within them as well as the more pleasant sides to their natures. This juxtoposotion gives life its texture and creates the interesting tension and duplicity in this work. Portraits of children, painful red skin and interesting photographs make up this exhibition and show the versatility and ambition of this artist.
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Kate Bailey

Kate Bailey's beautiful photography reflects her desire to capture her subjects in microscopic detail. Up close and personal, her subjects are usually 3cms away from the eye of the lens, sharp, elegant and refined. By focusing so intimately on her subject matter Kate prevents the surrounding environment to impede on our experience of the subject, allowing us to truly reflect on its beauty. One can't help but wonder if Kate's busy life style, a Mother, a Photographer both in the commercial and fine art arena, a Firefighter and Photography Lecturer, has inspired her to create these serene and tranquil photographic reflections.
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Angus Brown

Angus Brown has lived breathed and embraced all aspects of photography for the last 12 years. Initial working solely as a commercial photographer Angusís unique approach to his work has enabled him to successfully cross over from the commercial world of advertising in to the world of fine art.
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John Brown

John Brown not only sensitively depicts his surrounding landscape through the camera lens. He also quite literally brings parts of the landscape back to his studio. He then delicately balances these collections of objects, constructing precarious and mesmerising balancing compositions in black and white.
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Julie Balazs

Over the course of a number of years, Julie Balazs has worked in a variety of materials, from ceramics to oil painting. Presently specialising in photography her works reflects her passion for colour and light and hopes to question how it might affect our mood and well being.
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Anita Barratt

Anita Barrat documents her travels throughout Europe the Americas and Asia in this beautiful collection of colour photographs. The clarity of her images, the light, contrast and composition of her work creates an insightful sense of drama within all her subjects and at times her work holds a sense of the film still. Anita Barrat lives and work in Devon, England.
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