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Adrian  Gatie Colour

These colour photographs are by Adrian Gatie, whose classic black and white photographs have become extremely collectable in recent years. Though not yet as well known as his monochrome work, his colour photographs show the same love of humanity, humour and compassion for life. Gatie's ability to observe human nature and capture the incongruity of a moment often exposes the humour in even the most poignant of situations. See also Adrian Gatie listed in artists for Black & White work.
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Philipp Geist

'My work, especially my paintings, is about time and movement. metamorphosis of the instant.' Philipp Geist is a multimedia artist, working in video and photography as well as paint, his work captures moments in time, blurred instants that are the snapshots of our retinas. In whichever medium, outlines are indistinct and colours merged into each other, the expression of movement painted as parallel streaks across the canvas or as fuzzy edged forms.
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Joseph Gerges

Joseph Gerges successfully worked as an advertising photographer on numerous high profile advertising campaigns for over ten years. Now concentrating on producing his own work, Joseph combines both old and new photographic techniques, to produce this subtle and delicate series of still life’s.
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Andrew Graves Johnston

At this moment we are spoilt by the wealth of new photographic talent arriving at LondonArt each month. Andrew Johnston is another deeply talented photographic artist whose work burrows into the very heart of a scene and exposes it for the viewer to appreciate. Having been included in over 30 exhibitions in the UK, we are now proud to bring Johnston to our wide audience. By understanding the power of light in creating texture and the perfect cropping to frame a scene, the artist creates wonderful works that would look great on any wall in any location. His subjects vary, but his skill and ability never does. Call Paul for more information.
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Diane Griffiths

Diane Griffiths seeks to give the viewer a moment of 'interruption' from our daily lives. Specialising in Watercolour and Acrylic, her work depicts the city, land and waterscapes of Europe. Although inspired by the city, her work often incorporates water which plays an increasingly important role in Griffith's painting. From the canal's of the Netherlands, and the waterworks of Venice depicted in, Canal De Groen and, Canal San Railto, to the Devon coastline which she beautifully illuminates in, A Stroll along the Beach at Teignmouth, her work seeks to give us an impressionistic view of the world around us. "Art is more than visual representation, it's about appetite, stimulation, fascination, and infatuation. " She says. Diane Griffiths currently lives and works in London, UK.
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Jean Christophe GRIGNARD

Jean-Christophe Grignard is a biologist and scuba diver. His early fascination with water coupled with his dedication to photography led him to professionalise his work. Through the lens of his camera he captures the spirit and beauty found in the purest form of nature. He wishes his photos to create an emotional response within us. His images full of poignant moments make us discover and appreciate the aquatic environment and depict the richness and biodiversity of our lakes, seas and oceans.
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John Harper

John Harper seeks to capture hope and joy in all his works. “I love life and I love people and I want my photographs to reflect that. I am looking to capture a moment of fleeting reality which passes us by everyday. The moment when my heart and vision unite and create an impression which expresses an inner silence – A silence which shouts for joy”. John Haper’s images speak for themselves.
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Caireen Harrison

Caireen Harrison clearly demonstrates in this wonderful series of prints that she understands the nature of her medium and knows how to capture the intimate subtleties of light and shadow. In each of her works the chosen perspective is far from traditional. This unconventionality - often taking us up so close that the forms begin to blur - combined with her monochromatic colour, create a wonderfully abstract quality to Caireen’s work.
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Stuart Harrison

Stuart Harrison is a trained photo-journalist and has over 20 years experience as a photographer. His photographic signature demonstrates his passion for light and mood in all of his work. Almost all the pictures in this series are taken in that magical hour before dawn and dusk and depict the unique beauty of Wiltshire and the Cotswolds.
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