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John Harper

John Harper seeks to capture hope and joy in all his works. “I love life and I love people and I want my photographs to reflect that. I am looking to capture a moment of fleeting reality which passes us by everyday. The moment when my heart and vision unite and create an impression which expresses an inner silence – A silence which shouts for joy”. John Haper’s images speak for themselves.
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kathy harris

Kathy Harris paints images which lodge somewhere between postcard, seascape, memory and reality. She manages to infuse them with sunshine and captures the atmosphere perfectly. The scenes have a peaceful qualiy about them yet hum with the activity of wheeling birds; crashing waves and excited holidaymakers.
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Caireen Harrison

Caireen Harrison clearly demonstrates in this wonderful series of prints that she understands the nature of her medium and knows how to capture the intimate subtleties of light and shadow. In each of her works the chosen perspective is far from traditional. This unconventionality - often taking us up so close that the forms begin to blur - combined with her monochromatic colour, create a wonderfully abstract quality to Caireen’s work.
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Stuart Harrison

Stuart Harrison is a trained photo-journalist and has over 20 years experience as a photographer. His photographic signature demonstrates his passion for light and mood in all of his work. Almost all the pictures in this series are taken in that magical hour before dawn and dusk and depict the unique beauty of Wiltshire and the Cotswolds.
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kay hart

Kay Hart is a London-based photographer who takes her inspiration from the human figure and the natural world.
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Chris  Harvey

With over fifteen years photographic experience Chris Harvey's photographs are generated by combining traditional and contemporary techniques to produce limited edition black and white images. His use of the latest image editing software allows him to incorporate both digital and film photography. By manipulating and merging his original images in this fashion he generates an entirely new image. His development of the 'technological collage' gives him the creative freedom to express a sentiment or idea through an imaginative and innovative process.
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Alan Hook

The majority of painters begin the creation of an image by using a blank, usually white format, be it canvas, paper or board as a sounding board or back ground. They then add, layer and build an image from this 'back' to the front. Alan Hook creates these wonderful abstract works by essentially doing the opposite of just that. He begins at the front and through the experimental and irreversible process of bleaching, he works back to the back from the front.
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Peter Horner

PETER HORNER Growing up in the south coast of England near the New Forest, Peter Horner developed an appreciation for the wildlife and unique landscapes around him. He focuses his passion for photography on the rural landscapes of the New Forest & Dartmoor, and the dramatic coastlines of Cornwall. He uses high resolution in the images which intensifies the sense of light and shadow to create a stylized impression. Stark silhouettes of pines stand out against sweeping cloud formations which ripple across the sky lit theatrically from below by the sunset. He uses water to create symmetrical compositions in rich myriad colours, capturing nature at its most captivating and dramatic.
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