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Peter Horner

PETER HORNER Growing up in the south coast of England near the New Forest, Peter Horner developed an appreciation for the wildlife and unique landscapes around him. He focuses his passion for photography on the rural landscapes of the New Forest & Dartmoor, and the dramatic coastlines of Cornwall. He uses high resolution in the images which intensifies the sense of light and shadow to create a stylized impression. Stark silhouettes of pines stand out against sweeping cloud formations which ripple across the sky lit theatrically from below by the sunset. He uses water to create symmetrical compositions in rich myriad colours, capturing nature at its most captivating and dramatic.
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Sylvia Horwitz

Sylvia Horwitz’s photographic work has taken her from the archaeological digs in Israel to the tango barrios, neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her recent series of photographic works were taken there, and focus on Milongas, a form of dance associated with the area. “Making images in the dance clubs must be fast and unobtrusive”, she says. By creating the images without the use of flash, she manages to capture the movement and colours using a long exposure technique. Her atmospheric photographs are printed as archival c- prints on high quality paper.
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Steve Lincoln Hubber

Steve Lincoln Hubber is a sculptor, painter, a photographer and published poet who trained with some of the finest in his field. He sells his artwork throughout London, the UK and overseas. His clientele include reputable collectors, interior designers, businesses and art lovers alike. As well as creating his own work, Steve works with internationally renowned sculptor Deirdre Hubbard FRBS in her Chelsea studio, London; who in turn worked there previously with Dame Elizabeth Frink. Recently Steve became an awardee from the Arts Council England. He also was involved in producing large scale sculpture for the Queen Mary Cruise Ship.
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Gillian  Hunt

As a child amongst nature I found a land full of magic lit with incredible peace and sheer joy. I found a place of belonging where there is no judgement, no pressure and no time limits and without realising it a place where the rest of the world falls gently into perspective. This ‘communing’ with nature has continued into my adult life and I spend time every day amongst the flora and fauna that surrounds where I live - either just being amongst it, or studying it, or when the time is right - photographing it.) I have now found that through my photographic art I can actually re-create the feeling of congruence and magic I first experienced as a child and I now want to lead people down to the bottom of the garden and introduce them to that magic - show them what Fairies really look like and what they get up to, invite them to dance with the flowers and to perhaps allow them to find their own breathing space whilst they are ‘involved’ with my images
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Patrick Hylton

Patrick Hylton has been working as a photographer for over fifteen years. Travelling across the world, Partick has shot across Europe, the Caribbean and North America. Priding himself on the fact that all his work is hand held and is taken without the use of flash, Patrick feels that, "film in essence provides me with the means to capture the living form, body, and presence of objects that are routinely ignored. With each photo, it is my intention to create life within the inanimate and give it, if you will, a soul." Hylton's work has been exhibited across America, Canada and Europe and is in numerous private collections.
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Raymond Irons

Raymond Irons is a veteran freelance photographer who has an impressive portfolio ranging from fashion and commercial photography to photo journalism. He has exhibited his work in Trafalgar Square, The Arts Theatre Club, Earls Court Exhibition Centre and the Burgh House Gallery, Hampstead. He has photgraphed Prime Ministers Royalty and many famous actors.
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Magnus Irvin

Magnus was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers in 1997. He has had numerous high profile exhibitions: The House of Commons, London, The Mall galleries, London and the Barbican Center, London as well as exhibiting widely in Europe.
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Since the 1990's CJ has been photographing fashion and portraits for magazines and private clients. These commissions, from clients such as Selfridges and Trinity Mirror Magazines, have taken him over four continents, and an exhibition of portraits, sponsored by the BBC, was unveiled by their Creative Director, Alan Yentob. The British Journal of Photography has interviewed CJ twice over the last three years about his work, and he has been featured in various other magazines as his popularity rises.
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Fanny Janssen

Fanny Janssen is currently studying for an MA in Philosophy and exhibits in London showing a range of media such as photography painting and film. Her work has been shown at the Cannes Film Festival, the Nolias Gallery and at the Truman Brewery, London, E1. Her imagery is thought provoking and subtly haunting even though she works with a variety of subjects. Her most recent exhibition was at the Doomed Gallery, London with the Ribbon Machine Collective with whom she has shown now on two occasions in group shows.
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