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Marco Secchi

Marco Secchi is a professional photographer who currently lives in London and Edinburgh. Marco often covers assignments involving the leading members of the Royal Family and his work is being published extensively in UK, Italy and abroad. He undertakes press, editorial, publicity and commercial work as well as private commissions, on a national and international basis. Recent customers include: New York Times, Radio Times, CBS, The Herald, Matin, Grazia Magazine, The Scotsman, The Times, Hello, Financial Times, Gente, National Geographic, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, MSN, The Independent, OK, Readers Digest, Emel, Guardian, Eastern Eye, Newsweek, PC World Magazine, Metro, YOUR, Paris Match, and Bild Am Sonntag. Marco Secchi’s work is held in numerous private collections.
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Katarina Serek

Katarina Serek's surrealist digital photography picks up the stylistic tendencies of Salvador Dali and re-inteprets them in a modern landscape. Serek plays with the capabilities of digital photography to create highly unique works. Her manipulation of lighting and shade adds drama to the already theatrical staging of her compositions.
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Hayk Shalunts

Armenian artist Hayk Shalunts has developed a unique technique which he describes as a "synthesis of photography and graphic design". It is most successful in images like 'Picturesque' 2009.
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Andrew Shepherd

Andrew Shepherd specialises in number of traditional and contemporary mediums. From photography, digital art through to charcoal on paper, Andrew selects the medium which will best reflect the subject, utilising its qualities to best express the subjects function or mood. "I love to experiment with many artistic forms, always trying to capture a particular thought, feeling or memory. Sometimes even nothingness." Andrew's extraordinary attention to detail seeks to express the intensity and beauty of his subjects and becomes the unifying element to all Andrew Shepherd work.
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Clive Sherlock

Clive Sherlock has been photographing professionally for 15 years. Using digital or traditional film media, in the studio or on location, he brings a contemporary feel and a fresh, dynamic approach to all lifestyle subjects, from Food & Interiors to People, Landscape to Architecture. His client list includes Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, The BBC, The British Museum, The British Library, Holland & Barrett, Lambeth Council and Westminster Council. Clive Sherlock is currently based in London.
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Ali Shokri

Ali Shokri is a consummate artist with a camera. These landscapes seem almost too perfect to exist and yet they do. Whilst creating precise images with intense detail, Ali has captured the 'phenomenal' : mists, haze, light, calm, glare....In short, an overwhelming sense of atmosphere. Almost painting-like in their beautiful compositions and movement, these vistas invite many hours of meditative relaxation.
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John  Shortland Gambier

John Shortland Gambier captures himself literally falling within the Landscape. He sets up the shot, as an abstract painter would arrange colour and form within his canvas, accentuating the sense of balance and timing within the whole composition. This results in some really beautiful and humorous photographs.
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Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson's passion for capturing the landscape on 35mm film began at a very early age. When digital photography was introduced into the industry in the nineties; his visual expertise allowed him to quickly and easily transfer his talents into digital format photography. As digital photography and the manipulation of digital imagery progressed and developed, Andrew's skill and knowledge adapted with it. Andrew Simpson is now in the perfect position to push the medium to its limits; he is at the cutting edge of the medium, which we think is strongly reflected in these serene landscape photographs.
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Natalie Skeete

Natalie is a young London based architect with a focus upon movement through space and the interaction between architecture and the landscape. Her photographs evoke a fascination with textures, surfaces and materiality, experimenting with collage, colour, sculpture, structure and detail; each one bringing a scene that once was, back to life. Further studies lie within abstract and detailed imagery of land and seascapes. Natalie’s photographic appeal derives from her sensitivity to her subjects caught in a brief moment in time, capturing their thoughts, emotions and conversations, while drawing upon the beauty that lies within the architecture, form or space they inhabit.
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