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Paul Wolfgang Webster

Photographer Paul Wolfgang Webster BA Studied at Bradford University. Over the last twelve years Paul Wolfgang Webster has intensely photographed New York and Manchester. Working as a cultural commentator, his urban landscape photograph and record some of the significant and miniscule changes in the environment and resulting culture. Finding inspiration from photographers such as George Tice – an American photographer who he met while studying printing techniques in New Jersey, he uses a traditional camera, a 500cm Hassleblad Medium Format Camera with a digital back. All his images are available on Silver platinum prints, Canvas and Ink jet papers.
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Terezinha  Wright

‘One work of art is the spirit of the subject, spirit of the brush, spirit of the artist. All in one. One work of art is Nature itself. It is sacred and divine.’ Terezinha Wright
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Yannis Xenidis

Yannis comes from Greece where he lives, but he did have a brief spell experiencing the ups, and downs, of life in London, some of which influences his present work. He works in photography and calls his images 'ads' where visual images get mixed up with words. Unlike advertisement though, his works are trying to communicate ideas and messages, not products. They may be seen as an open book of proverbs with many more to come while the knowledge grows.
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