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Carole  Desbois

Carole Desbois is a multidisciplinary visual artist, working with photography, digital photography, films, installation and with performance. "As an artist I am looking for a sense of universality, looking at universal concepts that are timeless and evocative of a common consciousness, therefore recognizable by our inner-self." Currently living in Biarritz, France, Carole has lived and exhibited in London, New York and Johannesburg and hopes to further travel.
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Sabo Diab

What ever Sabo Diab captures on film, be it, an object, a detail, or a whole environment, there is a wonderfully intimate sentiment and quality fundamentally exposed within each piece.
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Mark Dodds

Mark's photographs concentrate on items, buildings and people whose beauty or interesting nature is not immediate to spot. If it is the result of Mark's daily views that accompany him wherever he walks or a result of much observation and search, it is not obvious. But the message is clear and simple, there is beauty everywhere, the question is if you can see it?
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Joanne Dunn

Although Joanne Dunn regularly travels to Britain to exhibit her photography, she lives and works in a remote village in southern Italy. Capturing fleeting moments, whether it is the colour of the sky, a wind swept street or human interaction, Joanne manages to photograph small but remarkable moments that pass us all from time to time.
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Chris Eggleton

Chris Eggleton is a London based photographer. Producing beautiful and often sublime photographic images, Eggleton’s work is powerful because he exquisitely captures a sense of his own quietness within the visual moments of sadness or humor he reflects. “My work describes the peripheral aesthetic, images of society's unremembered corners and unregarded routines that may possess a serendipitous beauty or provide a portrait of our effect on and interaction with our environment, transient or lasting.” he says.
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Robert Eva

Robert Eva is a UK based artist specializing in acrylic on canvas. On visiting Eva’s online exhibition you will notice that his work displays a number of different genres and styles which naturally fall in to several groupings and collections of work. Exploring a particular subject of theme, he finds himself working on a set of paintings which are influenced by the last. “I don’t paint to a specific theme” he says, “I will create a series of paintings on one subject or theme, and then move on to something different as my inspiration takes me on my artistic journey.” As one collection leads him on to the next, Robert Eva creates a strong visual map of his artistic journey.
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Bruce Eves

Bruce Eves digitally generates and manipulates imagery to create these sensual images. Working on a larger scale within an underlying geometric structure, helps Bruce to create a sense of character and bodily form.
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SImon Fairless - Photography

The title of ‘greatest city on earth’ is always hotly contested as many global metropolises’ stake a claim to the honour. Here in our beloved London town we like to think we can hold our own and the photography of Simon Fairless goes a long way to show why. His glorious, deep and rich photographs show the city’s landmarks in their resonating, invigorating and enrapturing glory. The endless symmetry and reflective glass fronts of the financial buildings are modern day monuments to power and to possibility and Fairless shows their inherent beauty. When he scales things down and shows the wonder in a simple rose head he does so against a thick black background which allows each petal to shine and cast its own tiny shadow. Two more different subjects you would struggle to find, but here Fairless shows the many facets to his skill.
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Karl Farrer

Recently featured on the BBC1 program 'Inside Out' and the ITV's 6 O'clock News, Karl Farrer describes himself as "the archetypal Postmodernist, appropriating ideas and methods from the history of art, regularly using modern technology in his methods of process to create." He has worked with a variety of forms and mediums from painting, public art, installation and projection to collaborative performance pieces to more recent exhibitions like 'Sex and the age of innocence' where he combined still and moving image pieces. Karl Farrer has won numerous residencies and awards, exhibiting in solo and group shows nationally and internationally with work in private collections around the world.
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