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Welcome to LondonArt, the UK's website for buying contemporary art (founded 1997). Art is for everyone and choice is one of our guiding principles. We are uninhibited by fashion, pedigree or reputation, the who's hot, who's not mentality which dominates the art scene, we aim to represent as broad a range of artists as we can so that you the customer can easily find exactly what your looking for. There is a selection process but we select on the basis of merit, regardless of previous exposure or experiance.

We think opur approach has worked, we now have over 2000 artists on Londonart from all over the world and over 35,000 unique works of art. Every month around 100,000 unique users visit our site and spend an average 45 minutes browsing. the sheer diversity of the work on offer, with prices ranging from 50 pounds to 40k means there is truly something for everyone.

The Internet is still revolutionising the way business is done in all sectors of the economy and the art world is no exception. Londonart was one of the first websites to show and sell art on the Internet.

This shake-up in the way art is bought and sold is greatly to the benefit of artists and art buyers alike. ‘Online galleries democratise the art-buying process,’ says Paul Wynter, founder and managing director of LondonArt. ‘They make original art available to a wider audience and give more artists the opportunity to show their work.’

Londonart in the press

'My favorite website' David Bowie speaking to Elle magazine

'a pleasure to browse....the range of art is staggering' The Times

'From struggling internet start up to insurgent art world upstart.....the site works because it gives artists who struggle outside of the gallery system an opportunity to sell' The Guardian

'Democratises the buying process' Sunday Times Culture magazine

'something for every budget' The Evening Standard

'Buy art from your armchair' harpers and Queen

'Great for anyone interested in the art scene' The Times

'Enables potential buyers to search by category, price, artist or even size of pictures' The Independant on Sunday

View a BBC review of Londonart here

Working with customers

We aim to make our pricing policy as transparent as possible and all work has an asking price attached. Lower overheads than galleries means that Londonart can sell works at an average 15-20% cheaper than high street galleries can. Our 'Make an Offer' feature also helps buyers get works at the price you want to pay. Offer are passed onto artists for consideration. You will be informed by email as to whether your offer has been accepted. If your not happy with your purchase we offer a 10 day money back guarantee less any delivery costs.Please read our terms and conditions.

Art consultancy and projects

Londonart provides an art consultancy service to a range of private and corporate clients. We work with property developers, interior designers, Hotels and restaurant chains, media and production companies and businesses to furnish them with artworks to suit their particular project.

Last year we furnished the penthouse show appartments for Pan Peninsula Towers, Europes tallest residential building in London's Docklands. Our corporate customers include 'Mars' and 'Citywire' who came to us with briefs to decorate their public and private spaces or simply to cheer up a corridor.

If we can't find the right piece for you from our existing collection, we can commission new work to your specifications and will work with artists, interior designers and curators to create the right look and mood.

Exhibitions and events

Over the past 5 years we've proudly hosted a no of unique exhibitions and events in London, Norway and Mexico.

2009: The Duck House. Londonart was commissioned by the Electoral reform society to build a 4m-high duck house similar to the one claimed on expenses by Tory MP Sir Peter Viggers, which was then floated down the Thames from Tower Bridge to Westminster to remind MP's that we're watching!

2007/9: Climate of Change. A group exhibition of over 200 artists, including Gavin Turk, Sarah Lucas, Bob and Roberta Smith and Fiona Banner, to promote awareness of climate change issues.

2005: The art of Love 2, The Gallery@oxo and the Bargehouse. In response to the first art of love show and with fellow host Mandy Kay this exhibition presented work by over 500 artists. Perfect for Love in a cold climate said the Times.

2004: The art of Love, The Arndean gallery, Cork St, our first art of love show included work by over 100 artists on the theme of love, curated and organised in collaboration with Mandy Kay.

2003: latido Latino at the Guadalajara Centro de Arte Moderno. 20 artists from central America and 20 from Londonart were selected to show. In collaboration with artist Juan Carlos de la Torre Bouvet.

2003: London Art's first exhibition took place in the JAK gallery, Hoxton, featured 100 works by our best selling artists.

Contacting us

For customer service and support please call us on the following phone number.

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Office Hours: 9am - 6pm

Or write to us at:

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