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Tower Bridge , London

Chromaroma is an exciting new online game that helps to break the monotony of everyday travelling and brings together a colourful community of gamers, commuters and fellow passengers. Making use of the invisible data footprints we all leave behind, it's the latest project from the digital production company Mudlark which has already brought a Romeo and Juliet inspired Twitter play named 'Such Tweet Sorrow' and a mobile heart rate monitoring game called 'Heartlands'.

The online multiplayer game uses Oyster Cards and Bike Hire Keys, allowing you to gain points, take on missions and collect items to work with your team and capture the city. Teams are divided up and colour- coded, with the team that gains the most points from tapping in and out of a station 'Owning' the station. The online site presents a 3D visualisation of your journeys in beautiful digitial graphics reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's 'Drip Paintings'.

The fact that reality and online gaming have been placed together in Chromaroma means we are no longer restricted to sitting infront of a screen. Instead players take an active role and travel to new and exciting destinations. In one of the missions titled 'Ghost Hunter' players gained points by following the task of: "Visit Becontree between 11:00 PM and 01:00 AM within 5 days Becontree is rumoured to be haunted by a faceless woman with long blonde hair, spotted on numerous occasions by the staff there. Go there late at night, and hope you don't see her..." Chromaroma gamer Pat Cadigan described the likeness of the game to the adventures created by her son as a child, explaining that Chromaroma allows this creative story telling to continue through to the adult world. With the recent influx of fitness gaming such as the Wii Fit, Xbox Kinect and most recently the Playstation Move, Chromaroma also fits in well with its 'Get Off One Stop Early' (GOOSE) missions, encouraging that extra walk to the players destination.

Emer Coleman, Director of Digital Projects at the GLA, expressed:

"I love the idea of integrating games into a real time city. We've seen great success with app developments in the London Datastore and I think the gamification of the city is the next big thing."

Join up at, and with its mouldable qualities Chromaroma may soon be spreading worldwide.

Courtney Buckingham