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My Favourite Choices by Charles Willmott

“I am delighted to accept the brief to compile and curate an exhibition of work from the artists of I am not a biographer, nor indeed do I necessarily know the work of all the artists involved with Londonart. I have therefore chosen to restrict my selection from the work discipline I know and understand the best. The one I practice myself…Figurative Art. The work I have selected is in no particular order, status or value and my comments regarding the individual works are only in brief and represent my personal thoughts and opinion only.” CW

As one of our most popular artists Charles Willmott has been featured as Londonart’s Artist of the Week. To read his archived review please click here

To view Charles Willmott’s work, general exhibition pages and to look at his biography please click here

My Favourite Choices by Charles Willmott

Charles Wilmott is a figurative painter with over forty years of painting experience and a passion for performance and dance. Charles has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Royal Ballet, covering a number of productions including, Tim Albery's Macbeth and Michael Attenborough's direction of The Herbal Bed. He has also worked extensively with principal dancers such as Miyako Yoshida and Darcey Bussell
Tasha - Rock Chick
Self Portrait - Float

'Self-portrait - float' by Sarah Harvey

“As a figurative painter Sarah Harvey’s work is technically accomplished, beautiful but a bit edgy… that’s what makes it so interesting to me”.CW

Just a Boy and a Little Girl by Sallie Gatie

“Sally’s paintings may be considered to be decorative and that may be so…but I believe that the work has so much more, even ‘Klimtesque”.CW

Just a Boy and a Little Girl
puppy love

Puppy Love by Darren Baker

“A figurative realist and portrait painter of today…Darren’s work is so competent in all disciplines”.CW

self-portrait by Irina Novikova

“The delicate brushwork and subtle use of colour heighten the mystery and intrigue within this talented surrealist’s work”.CW

Portal by Brian Brooks

“This work is so well observed and constructed with particular regard to the use of light…the artist is clearly in control of the content and composition”.CW

Modesty by Gaye schiff

“The contemporary figurative realism combined with quite intricate design graphics create harmony and balance to Vanessa’s overall work”. CW
Rubber Glove

Rubber Glove by Julie Verhoeven

“I just love Julie Verhoeven’s work…It’s so unashamedly uncompromisingly simple, yet within that simplicity there’s so much passion and drama”.CW

Julie Verhoven has been one of Londonart’s Artist of the Week

Severin by Ralph Shephard

“Ralph Shephard’s acrylics are well observed and have a quality of colour and clarity of composition that’s refreshing to the eye”.CW

Ralph Shephard has been one of Londonart’s Artist of the Week