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My Favourite Choices by Mary Louise Coulouris

"I was pleased when Londonart asked me to curate an online show of artists. I particularly was interested in the idea because it gave me a reason to allow myself the time to see what other artists are doing, how their imaginations are working. So I sat down with my computer in my house on a Greek island, with rain lashing against the windows, and trawled through the pages. I focussed particularly on ‘Artist of the Week’, and ‘Figurative’. The amount of work would have made it impossible otherwise. I thought of the things that I value particularly in a work.Here are some of them; I value sincerity of purpose or integrity, optimism, personal vision, love of paint or the medium itself- whether it is oil, watercolour, or print, artists who are fascinated by ‘people, drama, mystery’ as Corinna Button says. I am interested in artists working in traditions other than the European. I think it goes without saying that I expect skill and ability, knowledge of form , aesthetics, and drawing, and I wouldn’t be too interested in a work that didn’t have these; but I think somehow in the present day ,the first mentioned things are more important. The artist nowadays is entirely responsible for what he/she paints, and how he/she paints it, and therefore what he/she does choose is highly important. Under the heading –artists fascinated by people, several artists interested me.This work has made me realise what a positive bringing together of diverse, open, global, multiculturalism a good website such as Londonart achieves, and I welcome the opportunity I have had to express my personal preferences in this way." MLC

As one of our most popular artists Mary Louise Coulouris has been featured as Londonart’s Artist of the Week. To read her archived review please click here

To view Mary Louise Coulourise’s work, general exhibition pages and to look at her biography please click here

Cafe by Mary Louise Coulouris

Mary Louise Coulouris has had over twenty one man exhibitions across Britain, France, America and Greece and has been awarded numerous awards and scholarships. Her work is held in numerous private and public collections and has become something of a serious art buyer's gem. Collections include; Sainsbury's PLC, Scottish Natural Heritage, Hambros Bank, Trinity College Oxford, New York Public Library, House of Lords, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Alex Holland has had work published in a variety of high profile national photographic magazines and has also successfully exhibited throughout the country.

Cradle by Corinna Button

"Corinna Button’s woodcut ‘Cradle’ is impressive in its successful conveying of a couple’s pride in their newborn with a simplicity of form reminiscent of Munch."MLC

Boy by Rade Markovich

"Rade Markovich -Again anything with a social content catches my eye. In his painting ‘Boy’ what is the story going on, why does the boy look so sad? On the theme of personal vision, again, several works interested me." MLC

Rade Markovich has been one of Londonart’s Artist of the Week
Approaching Rain, Harlech Bay

Approaching Rain, Harlech Bay by Cullin Bantock

"Cuillan Bantock manages to abstract in an amazingly effective way a moment of rain he must have experienced by a few white lines on black in his linocut ‘Approaching Rain;Harlech Bay’. In an altogether different technique the abstract ’Beach Games’ conveys through colours and shapes in paint a certain lazy warm afternoon on the beach." MLC

Cuillin Bantock has been one of Londonart’s Artist of the Week

Somewhere over the rainbow by Michael Onona

"Michael Onona has personal vision, and expresses what people feel ‘from the inside’."MLC

Michael Onona has been one of Londonart’s Artist of the Week
Somewhere over the rainbow