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My Favourite Choices by Stella Dunkley

"It was difficult choosing from so many wonderful paintings on Londonart, I have chosen artists who's work I feel reflects a great amount of natural talent and ability, a mastery of their chosen subject, technique, skill and dedication, from each of these artists there were many other works that I could have chosen."SD

Stella Dunkley takes direct inspiration from the landscape. Painting in both oil and acrylic paint her current series of works exhibited with us, from, Burnished Seas to Saffron Skies III , exploit the beauty of the setting sun. "The subjects I find inspirational are the sea and the natural world, I enjoy experimenting with mixed media incorporating a variety of substances into the work, the colours, textures and patterns of nature are evident in my paintings." Stella Dunkley was born in the UK in 1966 and now lives and works in Christchurch.

Choco Latte by Stella Dunkley

“The painting of mine that I have chosen was inspired by a photo taken on a November day just before the rain.The clouds and mist were building up above the horizon and just a few glimpses of light were showing through. Living near the south of England's coastline and close to the river Stour in Dorset has given me the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of the land and sea, many of my paintings are directly inspired by these views concentrating on the colour, light and atmosphere and less on the detail, especially observing the intense colours at sunrise and sunset, giving the viewer an insight into my own personal interpretation of the landscape and translating my emotional response to the subject onto canvas allowing the viewer to have a sense of my own personal connection with the subject.”SD
Choco Latte
Anna, Oil portrait !

Anna, Oil portrait by Simon Butler

“Awe inspiring, luminous.”SD

Landscape by Elsa Santos

“Intriguing, fascinating, symbolic.”SD
Dark Trees

AA Dark Trees

“A tapestry of wonderful autumnal colours, tree shapes and texture.”SD

Gail Altschuler has been one of Londonart’s Artist of the Week