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My Favourite Choices by Peter Rodulfo

“Here is my exhibition of favourite artists on” PR

As one of our most popular artists Peter Rodulfo has been featured as Londonart’s Artist of the Week. To read his archived review please click here

To view Peter Rodulfo’s work, general exhibition pages and to look at his biography please click here

Parrots and Penguins by Peter Rodulfo

Peter Rodulfo’s career spans over twenty five years and has maintained a prolific and constant output of work. Utilising a variety of mediums and techniques his work crosses, painting, sculpture, collage, relief and construction. "I work largely from memory and imagination." he says. "I am more interested in the inaccuracies of memories than by their precision, and so my work treads the borderline between dreams and reality. "
parrots and penguins
do you know any cheap hotel

Do you know any cheap hotel by Zoran Aleksic

Wimbledon Trainspotted by Sue Blanford

Wimbledon Trainspotted
cigar man

Cigar Man by Richard Folland

Interiorismo by Alejandro Gonzalez Gortazar

El grito

El Grito by Carlos Larracilla

Rey En Chocolate by Juan Carlos Navvarro

rey en chocolate