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“If it weren’t for the war, we’d all be having a great time.” Taken from the series M*A*S*H, 1970.First seen in the early 1970’s at the height of anti-Vietnam feeling in America, the original series M*A*S*H followed a hapless US medical corps stationed out in the preceding Korean war. Here underlay a dark commentary throughout its comedy. As the US Military continue to fight onwards in Iraq, doctors, nurses and medics are working on the front lines to keep their casualties down. Magnum Photographer Thomas Dworzak was with them, embedded with the 44th Medcoms 50th and 1150th Medical Companies in Iraq over several periods in 2005. Taking the lead from the satirical commentary first provided by the film and subsequent series of M*A*S*H, this book juxtaposes images from the series with Dworzak’s own from his time with the medical companies he was stationed with out in Iraq.From mess tents to surgical tables, the story of everyday life behind the scenes of these medical corps shows at times a pathos and comradeship alongside the expected blood and suffering. The accompanying stills and subtitled images from M*A*S*H bring Dworzak’s photographs out of the realm of the purely photojournalistic, and instead poignantly provide a black humour for a disenchanted audience of the modern world, and a comment on the concept of photographers today working embedded and alongside the military.

Art Since 1900 - Modernism, Antimodernism and Postmodernism

Destined to become the standard work on the subject, Art Since 1900 is a landmark study in the history of modern art and essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of art in the modern age. The authors will be present at a half-day symposium at Tate Modern, 4 April, 14.00-19.00 followed by wine reception.

How to Read Painting- Patrick de Rynck

Clues to the meaning of the masterpieces of art history lie in a rich system of symbols, themes and motifs that often elude the modern eye. Without the intimate knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology, folklore and Christian theology so vivid in the minds of the artists and familiar to their public, we often miss the visual hints that gave contemporary meaning to a painting...

Andy Goldsworthy:Passage

The journeys that people, rivers, landscapes and even stone take through space and time are central to this book. Passage is an eloquent testament to Andy Goldsworthy’s determination to both deepen and extend his understanding of the world around him and his relationship with it through his art...

The Arts & Crafts Companion

Illustrated with 300 meticulously researched images, this is a rich, invaluable general survey of The Arts and Crafts Movement and an important work of reference for the collector...

Hockney's Pictures

Hockney’s Pictures is the first ‘retrospective’ to show the evolution and diversity of Hockney’s paintings, drawings, watercolours, prints, and photography, including new and published works. The pieces are selected and organized by David Hockney himself, and track his lifelong experiments in ways of looking and depicting...

Hockneys Portraits and People

Ever since he made his first portraits and self-portraits at the age of sixteen, David Hockney has been fascinated by people and how they have been represented throughout the history of art. As much as any other artist in recent years he has embraced, invigorated and often subverted traditional portraiture, making it a central concern of his art...