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Jamaican Artist Laura Facey 'RADIANT EARTH'

The Jamaican artist Laura Facey will exhibit a solo exhibition 'RADIANT EARTH' in London on 25th September- 4th October (Private viewing on 24th September). It is a retrospective of her awe-inspiring work, including the much talked-about slave ship canoe titled THEIR SPIRITS GONE BEFORE THEM — a cottonwood canoe filled with 1,357 resin miniature figures

Facey draws inspiration from rural Jamaica. She lives on a farm that hasTaïno middens, burial grounds, sugar coppers, stone walls, great houses and inventories of enslaved Africans, surrounded by forests, rivers andcocoa walks. She uses the materials found near her home thusincorporating cedar, mahogany, lignum vitae and forest wood into her art.“My work is steeped in this rich history plus my own personal storms andyearnings thereafter for balance and harmony,” says Facey. “My work is anatural outpouring that claims my triumph in life and my need to share andpass on that triumph.”

Also on display will be Facey’s RADIANT COMB series, described by wellknown Australian artist and curator Anne Errey, as “…Prongs, picks, fingers, teats and tools of cultivation that are re-invented. Some works present the hardest teats in the lactating world, carved from lignum vitae, though they look as though their content would nourish anything it poured over. These combs mean to work a mysterious magic, to untangle, align, nourish, feedand harmonise...”

With its serenity, RADIANT EARTH will certainly intrigue and impress the London art scene and, significantly, it will inspire conversation long after the exhibit closes.This meaningful exhibition is to be held at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, 19 – 22 Charlotte Road, EC2A 3SG, London

Facey was catapulted to fame with the unveiling of the controversial monument to emancipation, REDEMPTION SONG, placed at the entrance to Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica. Months of debate ensued when this monumental sculpture was launched in 2003.For further information contact Jessica Huie or Seyi Newell at JH PublicRelations 07985 424 772 Seyi 07983 440588