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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Artists have always been witnesses, recording conditions of lives around them. If we look at Anne Blankson-Hemans "Harbour Market at Elmina ii" or "Marrakesh iv: Men resting on a donkey trailer", it's clear that the reality of 'work' hasn't changed for many around the world. Work still means the domestic labour of Ron Satterthwaites' "Peeler" or hours on their feet as waiters, depicted by Christopher Giles and Gerald Byrnes. The old manufacturing workscapes are preserved by Yevgeny Gorbachev, whilst Peter Edwards recalls our farming heritage in his nostalgic art. In the city, the "Morning Commute" of Simon Fairless, is still alive and kicking it's way onto the tube... Tim Fowler and JL Dean find inspiration in the once - seen - as nightmarish, modernist, industrial complex, where freedom is an office chair momentarily rotating freely, restrained by an extension cord, as imagined by Sue Blandford.

The Office Party
52 by 40cm. (20.8' x 16')
Pen & ink, watercolour
by Margaret Steel - more artworks, artist's CV
£ 4360
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