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Anouk van Tetering

Anouk van Tetering is a talented Dutch photographer who lives in London. She has been creating photographic art for the last ten years, and in 2001 graduated form the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam after completing an exchange year at the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Having spent all her life doing Gymnastics (she was the Dutch Champion in 1991) and having danced professionally, she became interested in photographing the gracious feminine parts of the human body. Her images are bold and graphic, using a combination of monochrome and vibrant colour to highlight the contrasting features of each subject.

Each series of Anouk's photographic art has a similar style, but her work doesn't go in a specific direction. "What you see is what you get," she says. "My photographs are sensual and comical with a touch of glamour."

Anouk finds inspiration for her work everywhere, and likes to work like a designer. She first thinks of a concept and writes it down in her notebook, before making a series of artworks on each concept. Anouk first shoots the photographs and then uses her computer to manipulate the colours, shapes and compositions.

Having earned a reputation as an important artist in visual manipulative art in both the Netherlands and London, Anouk is no stranger to art exhibitions. Since 1998, she has showcased her photographic artwork in dozens of solo and group exhibitions in London, Amsterdam, Norway, Paris and Austria.

Anouk's work has also found its way into many private and public collections around the world, and her art pieces have been written about in Elle Deco, Cosmopolitan, Conaissance des Arts and in Avant Garde.

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