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Vera Tataro

If you believe that the purpose of art is to communicate the deep emotions and feelings that exist beneath the surface of images, then the paintings of Vera Tataro will be of great interest.

Her work is charged with an emotive positivity that shines through the bright, bold colours and epic subject matters. She is not one to give undue concern to the minor details, instead striving to capture the grand scale and endless wonder of the word around her. By varying her style she creates a wide range of effects; whether it is oriental style figures and landscapes or unusually framed wildlife, her art extends far beyond her native central Europe.

Already appreciated and respected on continental Europe, her vitality and use of dramatic scope and subject matter looks sure to make her a firm favourite in the UK too. These are wonderful works designed to bring cheer and delight to their viewers and achieve this with skill and talent.

Her Oriental style pictures invoke the great prints of traditional Japanese art. These works were highly prized in France and influenced a substantial amount of the Impressionist painters working at the time. Tataro approaches this subject in a fresh and interesting way, always belying her influences, yet strives to create something new. The delightful series based on the elements are captured marvellously, with each painting given its own colour scheme and design. The characters seem alive and act out their lives against aesthetically pleasing backdrops of trees and flowers.

In other work she shows her skill as a realist painter by capturing an elephant is jaw-dropping detail. Even here, though, she plays with convention and alters the colour of the animalís skin, creating a more interesting version of the natural object. Her love of wildlife shines through in the playful works depicting a seahorse and a snail.

These works would look fantastic in a home or commercial property. Always full of life, Tataro creates these artworks in order to bring a moment of fun and joviality into your life. Do not resist. She is here to make your world a brighter place and at LondonArt, we think she is doing a fantastic job.

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Optimistic Timbre Surround
Optimistic Timbre Surround
£ 1800

Rainbow Rhapsody
Rainbow Rhapsody
£ 2050