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Lady in Red Light
Lady in Red Light
by julian day, view more artworks, artist's cv
40.4" x 30.4" (101 by 76cm.), Oil on Canvas

Julian Day is a highly accomplished artist trained at Central St Martins School of Art. He was a finalist in the prestigious BP Portrait award in 1997 and his work was exhibited in London's National Portrait Gallery. His unique style of painting is a result of an unusual process: he never uses white paint! Instead, he wipes paint away revealing the primed canvas beneath. He is one of those artists who possesses consummate skill yet also allows a sense of humour to emerge through his choice of subject matter. Embracing kitsch and the domestic but not in an ironic way, his narratives play with art history: a rubber duck at night time against the black background of a Dutch Master or potatoes enacting the"Last Supper.".

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