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Colour in the Sea
Colour in the Sea
by Michelle Gibbs, view more artworks, artist's cv
24" x 32" (60 by 80cm.), Oil on canvas

Michelle Gibbs vibrantly coloured paintings are inspired by her travels all over the world, especially New York, Australia, Fiji, Thailand, Singapore and New Zealand. "From the blues and greens of the great barrier reef in Australia, to the orange and reds of the Fijian sunsets, travelling has brought vibrancy and energy into my work", she says "Through the unique combinations of colour and texture I am able to express my experiences and share them in a contemporary and abstract form. It is my aim to transform a space from a basic and simple room, into one filled with energy, inspiration, dedication and light." Michelle has a GNVQ in advanced art and design, and a degree in Interior Design. She works from her home studio in Portsmouth.

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